Three key shots that will help you scramble the ball close from any po­si­tion around the green.

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A tip I’ve found re­ally use­ful is to weaken the glove hand’s grip on the club by turn­ing the back of your hand a lit­tle more towards the tar­get so you can only see two knuck­les at ad­dress. This en­cour­ages the face to stay open so the bot­tom of the club – the bounce – is the first part of the club to touch the sand. The open face pops the ball high out the sand with plenty of back­spin and the ex­tra bounce helps the club­head glide through the sand rather than dig­ging in.

Con­trol dis­tance at im­pact I set up with my weight on the left side and keep it there as I swing. Con­trol dis­tance by where you im­pact the sand and your club, not the length and speed of swing. Less loft and hit­ting closer to the ball will make it fly fur­ther, and vice versa.

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