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Web: www.cleve­land­ Price: £109 per club Tested by: Nick Wright THE STORY

For the first time, Cleve­land has de­signed a wedge specif­i­cally for the av­er­age golfer. Given that 85% of golfers use cav­ity-back irons, the com­pany felt the jump to blade-style wedges was too far for many to make.


CBX wedges fea­ture the same Ro­tex face used in the com­pany’s blade-style RTX3, but the head de­sign is more for­giv­ing and blends bet­ter with the look and feel of a cav­ity-back iron set. A new Dual-V sole grind makes it eas­ier to play shots from a va­ri­ety of lies.


The cav­ity-back de­sign de­liv­ers a slightly harder feel on longer shots, but this is only no­tice­able when com­par­ing strikes with the softer RTX3 side-by-side. Around the green, the club gives all the ver­sa­til­ity you need. The sole grind lets you open up the face with­out the lead­ing edge ris­ing too far off the ground.


At ad­dress the head pro­file is sim­i­lar to that of the Tour-style RTX3. It’s not un­til you flip the club over and see the wide sole that you re­alise the wedge is de­signed to give you help as well as feel. Purists may blanche at the styling, but ex­pect to see many good play­ers us­ing this club.

‘The slightly harder feel of the CBX is only no­tice­able when com­pared side-by-side with the RTX3’

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