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Ac­cord­ing to the au­thors of Golf’s 8-Se­cret: What Sep­a­rates Golf’s Great­est Cham­pi­ons, the key to any shot is the eight sec­onds it should take to play it. Those eight sec­onds are from the time you set your lead foot, step over the ball and swing to the fin­ish. This comes af­ter you have eval­u­ated con­di­tions, cho­sen the club and in­cor­po­rated swing thoughts, which should add no more than 10 to 12 sec­onds, so 20 sec­onds in all.


“It’s not the short­ness of the rou­tine that is key here,” says Luther Black­lock, Master PGA Pro­fes­sional at Woburn GC (lutherblack­lock­ “It’s how lit­tle they have to think about. The more you have go­ing on in your head, the longer you’ll stand over the ball and the more com­pli­cated the process will be­come. I teach, one back­swing con­cept and one down­swing con­cept. You can’t carry more than that.”


“The longer I’m over the ball, the more thoughts I get in my head,” says Stephen Gal­lacher. So I have one look to make sure I’ve got my tar­get, the next look to dou­ble check, and then swing.” “Be com­mit­ted to what­ever you are try­ing to do,” says Edoardo Moli­nari. “It’s easy to ad­dress the ball and ques­tion your club choice or start think­ing about the wind. Once you com­mit, stick with it and be­lieve in your choice.”


“Al­most al­ways un­der pres­sure there is a ten­dency to take more time,” says lead­ing sport psy­chol­o­gist Bob Rotella. “But the real prob­lem is when you start tak­ing too much time be­tween the last look at the tar­get and the swing. I try to get guys go­ing with their first in­stinct. That one is all about con­fi­dence and com­mit­ment. The sec­ond one can be filled with fear and doubt.”

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