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Don’t rush the back­swing

I’m never in a rush and I let the back­swing de­velop. It’s like a spring. It’s still go­ing to un­coil with power, ir­re­spec­tive of how quickly you create that ten­sion in the back­swing. A smoother back­swing helps store power with con­trol .


I like to feel like there’s a lit­tle pres­sure in my left foot – maybe 55% of my weight – when I set up with an iron. I also like to feel like I’m very heavy through my feet and try­ing to grip the ground with my toes. This helps me to stay more cen­tred over the ball and keep my head still as I turn. If my weight is 50-50 and I feel light through my feet then I can sway off the ball a lit­tle bit, which re­duces my power and con­sis­tency.

Match your an­gles

I like my left arm, shoul­der an­gle, left wrist and the club­face all match­ing at the top. From here, I can just ro­tate through the ball. If my left arm gets too high, I need to wait for it to drop into the de­liv­ery area. If you don’t match, you need to ma­nip­u­late.

From the turf up

If you think ‘hit’ from the top, the up­per body moves first and you cast the club over the top, out­side the neu­tral plane. It can lead to a slice. The down­swing starts from the ground up so the club stays on a neu­tral plane and you have an in­side ‘at­tack’.

28 Golf World March 2018

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