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Take a tip from the top: Tour stars Jon Rahm, Soren Kjeld­sen and Hao­tong Li teach you the ways of Tour-grade golf.

I have three bunker shots in my reper­toire. For a reg­u­lar shot, I want the ball to run out on land­ing with­out too much spin. When I’m at­tack­ing a tight pin, or I’m short-sided, I’ll play a spinny shot that flies high and stops quickly. And when I’ve got a lot of green to work with, I’ll play an in­ten­tional chunk-an­drun where I take more sand so the ball comes out lower and rolls more. But my ad­vice is to fo­cus on the reg­u­lar splash and get good at that. It’ll help you in 90 per cent of sit­u­a­tions. Let me show you how.

For a stan­dard or spin­ning splash shot, you want two things: club­head speed and club­face loft. To help achieve this, I like to play the ball well for­ward in my stance and set as much weight as pos­si­ble on my front foot. As you can see here, I set my hands back a lit­tle so they’re al­most be­hind the ball. That cre­ates more an­gle in my left wrist, which adds loft to the club­face. A good check to see if you’re do­ing this cor­rectly is to look at the shaft an­gle. You want it ei­ther ver­ti­cal like I have it here, or slightly lean­ing away from the tar­get.


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