Want to add dis­tance to your drives? Long driver James Tait ex­plains how.

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“You don’t need to be packed full of mus­cles to drive it fur­ther,” says James Tait, win­ner of the first round of the Long Drive World Se­ries. “Any­body can gen­er­ate more of that with three very sim­ple tips.”

1 Aim higher

“One of the sim­plest ways to add yards is to sim­ply tee the ball higher. You need to be hit­ting up through the ball, which in­creases the an­gle of at­tack, in­creases the launch an­gle and low­ers the spin on the golf ball.”

2 You need speed

“In­crease your club­head speed, and you can add 10-15 yards to your tee shots. This can be done by sim­ply swing­ing weighted clubs, go­ing from a light re­sis­tance to a heavy re­sis­tance. I use Su­per­speed speed sticks, used all over the world by tour­ing pros and am­a­teurs to re­train the body to move faster dur­ing the swing and in­crease club­head speed.”

3 Set up to swing

“The set up is vi­tal to gain­ing dis­tance. Tee it up higher and make sure the ball’s not lined up in the cen­tre of the stance but closer to the toes and heel of the left foot — or right foot for a left-han­der. This al­lows you to swing freely, hit­ting the ball on the up and max­imis­ing the launch an­gle, get­ting the an­gle of at­tack more up and hit­ting the ball with less spin so it rolls fur­ther.”

James Tait uses an OnCore ball. The next round of the Long Drive World Se­ries takes place in South Africa from April 11-13. long­drive­world­; on­core­

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