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The prod­uct

Arccos 360 is a golf per­for­mance track­ing sys­tem. 14 ul­tra­light, low pro­file sen­sors screw into the grip of each club in the bag. Down­load the free phone app, pair your clubs (takes a mat­ter of min­utes) and then sim­ply se­lect your course and tees from the 40,000 avail­able and pop your phone in your pocket. It records ev­ery shot you hit and pro­vides de­tailed stats.

The ben­e­fit

Arccos en­ables you to take the guess­work out of your game. Per­haps the best fea­ture is Smart Dis­tance which pro­vides your av­er­age dis­tance with each club, but the more de­tailed stats also re­veal your ten­den­cies and even give you a hand­i­cap for each area of your game to aid im­prove­ment. The GPS maps on the app can also be use­ful if you choose to use them dur­ing your round.

The ver­dict

Shot track­ing tech isn’t new, but Arccos takes it to an ex­cep­tional new level. It’s easy to use and un­der­stand. It rarely misses a shot (and if it does it’s sim­ple to add) and the level of de­tail it pro­vides al­lows you to for­mu­late a bet­ter prac­tice plan and on-course strat­egy and ul­ti­mately be­come a bet­ter player. £249 isn’t cheap but the tech and re­sults jus­tify ev­ery penny.

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