A se­lec­tion of my favourite lessons to help you in all ar­eas of the game.

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“I try to use as lit­tle loft as pos­si­ble for any shot around the green. I like to see am­a­teurs us­ing fair­ways or util­ity woods to chip. Us­ing a lofted wedge de­mands a lot of skill and pre­ci­sion. Bump­ing the ball for­ward with less loft means you use a shorter, more con­trol­lable stroke.”

The key thing in putting is be­ing able to start the ball con­sis­tently on the line you want it to. If you can’t do that, you need to go back to ba­sics to work on it.

I use the claw grip be­cause it takes my right hand out of the stroke, which is what used to cause too much ro­ta­tion in the put­ter face for me. This grip has be­come a much more pop­u­lar grip now, but when you first change you worry about what peo­ple are go­ing to think. I changed in win­ter when I was pretty much do­ing noth­ing ex­cept putting on a car­pet so it didn’t take me very long at all to get used to. I’ve putted with it ever since.”

“When I’m hit­ting a bunker shot, I turn the back of my lead hand to­wards the tar­get so I can see only two knuck­les. This helps the face stay open so the bot­tom of the club – the bounce – is the first part to touch the sand first. The open face pops the ball out high with plenty of back­spin while the ex­tra bounce helps the club­head glide through the sand in­stead of dig­ging in.”

“From the sand, I also set up with my weight on my left side and keep it there as I swing. Con­trol dis­tance by where you im­pact the sand and your choice of club, not the length or swing speed. Less loft and hit­ting closer to the ball will make it fly fur­ther… and vice versa.”

“Once you can de­liver the club squarely, you can work some shape into your irons with two canes or clubs on the ground to help you work on body and face aim. A draw is great for work­ing the ball to a left pin or get­ting more re­lease when the flag is at the back. A fade helps you work the ball to a right pin and land the ball softer if it’s at the front.”

Oc­to­ber 2018 Golf World 71

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