What was the think­ing be­hind devel­op­ing the GAPR fam­ily? It all started with see­ing a trend on Tour. In look­ing to bridge the gap between their irons and met­al­woods, many tour­ing pros are choos­ing al­ter­na­tive clubs to hy­brids or con­ven­tional long irons. They are opt­ing for a more pow­er­ful op­tion that still de­liv­ers con­trol and workability, such as our P790 UDI. But there was also a sec­ond trend, this time among am­a­teurs. Many have a large dis­tance gap between their long­est playable iron and their short­est metal wood, avoid­ing long irons be­cause they can be dif­fi­cult to hit, and metal woods be­cause they can be dif­fi­cult to con­trol. GAPR helps all golfers to fill that gap with a club that de­liv­ers their de­sired tra­jec­tory and dis­tance in a shape that pro­motes con­fi­dence and con­trol.

How im­por­tant is SpeedFoam in the de­sign of these clubs? SpeedFoam al­lowed us to use a C300 face ma­te­rial for max­i­mum dis­tance (and some ad­di­tional weight sav­ings) with­out sac­ri­fic­ing sound or feel. The use of SpeedFoam in GAPR gives you that soft feel, and tour val­i­dated feed­back all golfers can ben­e­fit from.

How much does the per­for­mance dif­fer between the Lo, Mid and Hi? GAPR Hi is the largest size and has the low­est CG, mak­ing it very easy to hit high with added for­give­ness and ver­sa­til­ity. GAPR Mid takes on a more iron-like pro­file, blend­ing pre­ci­sion with power... whether it is used off the deck or from the tee. GAPR Lo is the small­est shape with a more for­ward CG, pro­vid­ing a pen­e­trat­ing flight while still main­tain­ing a high level of for­give­ness.

How does the Hi model com­pare to a tra­di­tional hy­brid like the M4? GAPR has a stronger ball flight, goes fur­ther and re­mains work­able. A tra­di­tional Res­cue can be seen as an “easy-to-hit iron re­place­ment”, and this more one-di­men­sional per­for­mance nar­ra­tive still leaves you with a gap that needs to be fixed. GAPR is all about fix­ing that gap while re­tain­ing at­tributes like workability, con­trol, dis­tance and for­give­ness.

How should a player de­cide which GAPR clubs they need? Our self-di­ag­no­sis chart is not ready yet; we rec­om­mend get­ting fit­ted to make sure you are truly op­ti­mised.

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