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We make more than 200 food-re­lated de­ci­sions a day – most with­out re­ally think­ing about them. The key? Tweak­ing things in our homes so we au­to­mat­i­cally eat less and make health­ier choices. In his book, Slim By De­sign: Mind­less Eat­ing So­lu­tions For Ev­ery­day Life (Hay House), be­hav­iour ex­pert Brian Wansink sug­gests the fol­low­ing clever tips: ◆ COVER YOUR HEALTHY left­overs in plas­tic and the un­healthy ones in foil. ◆ TIDY YOUR KITCHEN be­fore eat­ing. Women in a messy kitchen snacked twice as much as those in the same room when it had been cleared up. ◆ PO­SI­TION HEALTHY FOOD at the front of your larder or fridge – you’re more likely to eat foods closer to you. ◆ KEEP WORKTOPS CLEAR of all foods ex­cept a fruit bowl. See­ing fruit makes it more likely you’ll eat it. Con­versely, you’ll be less likely to eat treats if they’re not in sight! ◆ OPT FOR NAR­ROWER GLASSES – you pour 12% less wine into tall, nar­row glasses than into shorter, wider ones be­cause it looks like more. Pour so your glass is only half full – this cuts the av­er­age amount poured by 18%. ◆ USE PLATES SMALLER THAN 10 INCHES. Peo­ple serve them­selves 22% fewer calo­ries from a 10-inch plate than a 12-inch one. ◆ DISH UP FOOD IN THE KITCHEN. Those who put their food on a plate be­fore tak­ing it to the ta­ble ate 19% less than those who helped them­selves from serv­ing bowls.

Health­ier eat­ing habits start in the home…

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