‘WRITE DOWN your FEARS to see if they are RE­AL­IS­TIC’

When a prob­lem is both­er­ing her, singer Belinda Carlisle finds it help­ful to put pen to pa­per to find a so­lu­tion

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Ifind that, usu­ally, fear is just a per­cep­tion, and it’s your mind­set that’s caus­ing you prob­lems. If there’s some­thing I’m wa­ver­ing on or any life de­ci­sions I need to make, I find the best thing is to write them down. It helps to look at it phys­i­cally in­stead of let­ting it fly around your head. Write down what the fears are and whether they are re­al­is­tic. It’s a way of see­ing where you’re at. Yoga has changed my per­spec­tive on ev­ery­thing. When I was first in­tro­duced to Kun­dalini yoga 26 years ago, I didn’t like it. I thought it was gob­bledy­gook. But I started to get into it and it soon be­came a daily prac­tice. It’s made me a nicer per­son, but also more bal­anced. When you have a pretty in­tense prac­tice, it changes your per­spec­tive on life and ev­ery­thing around you. It’s bizarre, but that’s why yoga has been around for thousands of years – be­cause it works.

I’ve been chant­ing for the past 15 years. When I first got sober 12 years ago, I was chant­ing for two to five hours a day. It’s not for ev­ery­body, but it can be pow­er­ful, and it can help peo­ple. My new al­bum, Wilder Shores, is tra­di­tional chant­ing in a pop for­mat.

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