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WE NEVER THOUGHT we’d say this, but we miss end­less pic­tures of chil­dren dressed up for World Book Day/fes­tive hol­i­days/fomo-in­duc­ing nights out. Why? Be­cause re­cently, our so­cial feeds have in­stead been hi­jacked by MEMES.

Whether it’s a gif of Homer Simp­son stuff­ing a dough­nut in his mouth (with a cap­tion about be­ing rub­bish at di­et­ing), a baby nod­ding off on a loop (that is just so your BFF get­ting out of bed), or let­ting the world know you’re go­ing ‘out-out’ (via a clip of Kris­ten Wiig drunk in Brides­maids), there’s a ba­sic meme for ev­ery­thing. And every­one is tag-tag-tag­ging each other with them. There are now even memes about you tag­ging your friends in memes.

There’s also the ‘meme trolling’ (where you tag friends in hor­ri­ble things). Guess what? Every­one else on their so­cial feed has to watch that too. And it al­ways seems to be that ran­dom girl from pri­mary school you keep mean­ing to block who’s tagged end­lessly, clog­ging up your feed.

It’s also the worst type of generic Tay­lor-swift-style-cliquey naffness. ‘It’s me/soooo you!/us on hols!’… but it’s also the 586,067 peo­ple who’ve tagged mates above. Guess what? We all like booze and pizza and Bey­oncé. Oh, and BTW, the meme’s prob­a­bly been de­signed, cyn­i­cally, as a mar­ket­ing ploy by a com­pany to pro­mote pizza any­way.

Also, it’s just lazy com­mu­ni­ca­tion. It’s bad enough we barely speak to friends, aside from group What­sapps. Now, with meme tag­ging, you only have to type in a name in the com­ment box on a Lad­bible post.

So, us when we see 23 un­funny memes in a row? In­sert gif of some­one throw­ing their iphone in the wa­ter…


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