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STILL HUM­MING Killing Me Softly?

Never quite re­cov­ered from Gary Bar­low say­ing ‘the ru­mours are true’ and killing off Take That? Or per­haps you’re still stuck be­tween the Blur ver­sus Oa­sis ri­valry.

Our mu­sic taste is in­deli­bly in­flu­enced by – in the words of Adele – when we were young. So young, in fact, that a woman’s lis­ten­ing fate is sealed by 13, while for men it’s 14. The re­sults, from a re­cent Spo­tify study, al­lowed econ­o­mist Seth Stephens-Davi­d­owitz to look at its users’ lis­ten­ing habits. In his book, Ev­ery­body Lies, he un­picked how fre­quently men and women of cer­tain ages streamed cer­tain songs. And with 30-year-old women hit­ting re­peat on Bey­oncé’s Crazy In Love and Ra­dio­head’s

Creep a hit with 38-year-old men, it showed a clear age bias and that the early teens ( just be­fore you be­come a mu­sic snob) are the peak in­flu­ence on adult mu­sic tastes.

So, we dusted off our Now CDS and ex­am­ined the Grazia team’s back cat­a­logue to see if the the­ory stacks up. Em­bar­rass­ing...

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