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SAUSAGE! SHAAAZAAAAA! SAV­AGE! When it comes to the three Ss of HQ, if you know, you know.

And if you don’t know, here’s the low­down: HQ is an app-based game show – at 3pm and 9pm ev­ery day you can join a live mul­ti­ple-choice quiz with a jack­pot of £550. There’s a mad live com­ments feed and you get ex­tra life­lines by re­fer­ring friends ( pro tip: you can only use one life per game). You have 10 sec­onds to an­swer each ques­tion (an un­googleable time­frame, ap­par­ently) and, if you suc­cess­fully an­swer 12 ques­tions, you split the pot with who­ever else has man­aged it.

Every­one is play­ing it – stars like Mandy Moore, Jimmy Kim­mel… And it’s the real rea­son why every­one keeps deny­ing your re­quest for a 3pm meet­ing.

The app was launched last year in the US by the guys be­hind Vine, but, af­ter months of play­ing the Amer­i­can game, in Jan­uary a UK ver­sion fi­nally launched and, even more re­cently, be­came avail­able on An­droid. In re­cent weeks, love of the app has gone main­stream and around 80,000 peo­ple now log on to play. How­ever, the game went gar­gan­tuan last week, when The Rock hosted a spe­cial ses­sion across the US and UK with a jack­pot of $300,000.

But it’s not re­ally about the big money prizes: it’s all about those Ss. ‘Shazza’ is Sharon Car­pen­ter, a New York-based Brit presenter who is every­one’s fave – and is con­stantly re­quested in the com­ments feed if any­one else dares host. There are also ‘sav­age’ ques­tions – the ones that knock out more than half of play­ers in one fell swoop. Then there are lots of ran­dom shouty men­tions of ‘sausage’ in the com­ments, per­haps de­rived from sav­age, but also, prob­a­bly, a bit rude.

But our main take­away is that HQ has pro­vided us with a new type of syn­di­cate, a mid-af­ter­noon and even­ing pick-me-up to unify friends and col­leagues in the hope that one of you will make it to the end – and share out the prize pot.

Meet you at HQ…

A game show with sausages? Shazza Car­pen­ter is the host­ess with the mostest

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