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Vi­ta­min A Speeds up skin cell re­gen­er­a­tion to pre­vent fur­ther clog­ging and re­veal newer, clearer skin, while pre­vent­ing clog­ging in the first place. Con­sider it the gold stan­dard. These are key forms: Retinol – from 0.15%-1% de­pend­ing on skin tol­er­ance. Reti­nalde­hyde – or reti­nal, vi­ta­min A alde­hyde – from 0.015%. Ada­pa­lene – more sta­ble to light and oxy­gen com­pared to tretinoin (and avail­able over the counter). Isotretinoin – a good op­tion for se­vere acne. Tretinoin – the strong­est, pre­scrip­tion-strength vi­ta­min A.

Acids These are the ex­pert ex­fo­lia­tors – great for get­ting out the gunk be­fore it causes any up­set. ‘The per­cent­age of acids de­pends on whether the prod­ucts con­tain one type of acid or a com­bi­na­tion. The rule of thumb is sin­gle acids should be from 10-15%,’ rec­om­mends Dr Wil­liams. Look out for: Aze­laic acid – with an­ti­in­flam­ma­tory ben­e­fits. Sal­i­cylic – speedy at pen­e­trat­ing pores (avoid dur­ing preg­nancy). Gly­colic acid – shrinks pores while im­prov­ing scar­ring. Lac­tic acid – less ir­ri­tat­ing and great for sen­si­tive skin types. Man­delic acid – ideal for bright­en­ing skin.

Vi­ta­min B In­flamed skin needs some sooth­ing TLC to get it back on track. Con­sider adding calm­ing vi­ta­min B3 and B5 into your rou­tine with a savvy serum like Sk­inceu­ti­cals Hy­drat­ing B5, £65, or Drunk Ele­phant B-hy­dra In­ten­sive Hy­dra­tion Gel, £52.

Avoid: harm­ful sta­bilis­ers, min­eral oils or heavy met­als and opt for non-come­do­genic (non-pore-block­ing) make-up.

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