Suf fer ing from anx­iet y?

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Annabel rec­om­mends try­ing these five self-care strate­gies

1. CUT TOX­INS Gisele has eased her anx­i­ety with a holis­tic life­style that in­volved cut­ting out cof­fee and smok­ing and re­duc­ing al­co­hol.


EX­ER­CISE When anx­i­ety hits, swap adrenalin-charged HIIT classes for slower fit­ness prac­tices, such as yoga.

3. EAT TO SLEEP Swap sug­ary foods for those con­tain­ing tryp­to­phan, such as turkey, oats, beans and ba­nanas, which will aid sleep.

4. MED­I­TATE There’s strong ev­i­dence now that med­i­tat­ing daily in­creases your hap­pi­ness and over­all fo­cus.

5. TRY REIKI ‘Reiki is a form of touch ther­apy that shifts the neg­a­tive en­ergy you are stor­ing in your body, which can help to re­lieve anx­i­ety and panic,’ ex­plains prac­ti­tioner Emma Lucy Knowles.

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