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We’ve seen your videos Sam, so you’re no stranger to nu­dity… I get my clothes off quite of­ten on­line, it’s kind of my thing. I’m quite provoca­tive on In­sta­gram. My mu­sic is quite provoca­tive too, but I’d never do full frontal nu­dity. My arse has been out a few times but full frontal isn’t what I’m about. I’ve had re­quests from fans but I like the teas­ing as­pect of it. How would you de­scribe your solo mu­sic? I write what­ever in­spires me at that mo­ment, and it’s a hip-hop, elec­tro beats and rap fu­sion… I used to put pres­sure on my­self to be­come a main­stream artist. Now I think, if it hap­pens then great, but I want to strive to en­ter­tain the niche mar­ket that’s ap­pro­pri­ate for me and that will en­joy my vibe. You last song ti­tle was quite, ahem, in­ter­est­ing – call­ing it C.U.N.T… I’m dab­bling with a clean ver­sion, but there’s a big part of me that doesn’t want to! That’s the point of it. What are you like as a boyfriend? I’ve com­pletely changed. In my first se­ri­ous re­la­tion­ship I was head over heels in love in a longdis­tance re­la­tion­ship, and I was like an ob­sessed, crazy woman. I’d be cry­ing daily on Skype. My last one I was re­ally re­laxed and chilled to the point where I wasn’t re­ally in­volved. What do you look for in a man? Some­one who knows about gen­eral knowl­edge, is well-trav­elled and has a sense of hu­mour. Ap­pear­ance wise, I’ve re­alised I like the dark fea­tures of the Mediter­ranean look. But I’m quite open-minded.



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