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GT meets the show’s star, di­rec­tor and chore­og­ra­pher Tim McArthur, 40, and ac­tor Ryan Lunch, 26

Tim, we’ve seen you naked be­fore haven’t we? Tim: Yes, I was in a GT naked shoot three years ago so I’m no stranger to it. It’s a very lib­er­at­ing thing to do. We’re all hu­man be­ings and are in­di­vid­u­ally beau­ti­ful, and I think we should cel­e­brate our bod­ies a lot more than we do. I sound like a bloody na­tur­ist. Ryan: This was my first time and it was a lot colder than I thought it would be! It was good to do it for the first time with the boys, though. Tim: I’ve also had quite a lot of friends who’ve suf­fered var­i­ous forms of can­cer and leukaemia, and Balls To Can­cer is such a great cause. We’re happy to help make peo­ple aware of it. Are you both body con­fi­dent? Ryan: Well, in Bath­house we spend most our time in tow­els on stage, so we’re quite com­fort­able be­ing naked around each other. Tim: We play the love in­ter­ests in the show, so we were the only two who get our bums out as we have to go into a shower. I’m older than the oth­ers and more hir­sute than them, so per­son­ally I en­joyed be­ing brave enough to go out there and tell the story. Ryan: We do sev­eral cartwheels too and we aren’t wear­ing any­thing un­der­neath. In the au­di­ence we’ve had old men with their walk­ing sticks try­ing to get a look un­der the tow­els! Tim: We had some peo­ple try­ing to take pic­tures in the au­di­ence and they weren’t sub­tle about it. What’s the show about? Ryan: It fol­lows my character Billy, who’s quite young and naïve, and goes to the bath­house look­ing for love. He meets peo­ple, has a ca­ma­raderie with the other guys and fig­ures a lot out about him­self and gay men. Tim: I play a character whose boyfriend has died and I go to the sauna look­ing for some company. I se­duce Ryan and he falls head over heels in love with me. Is the whole cast gay? Tim: All the cast are gen­tle­men of a cer­tain per­sua­sion, but that wasn’t de­lib­er­ate cast­ing. We cast it with the best peo­ple for the job who could dance and act. It’s a joy­ous show and when we were cast­ing it, I wanted dif­fer­ent types of men so there’d be some­thing in the au­di­ence for every­body. As gay men, we’re all di­verse and fancy dif­fer­ent things, and when you go to a sauna there’s all dif­fer­ent types there. Men go there for dif­fer­ent rea­sons – some be­cause they’re lonely and they need some love, whether it’s talk­ing to some­one or phys­i­cal con­tact. Did you visit a sauna for re­search pur­poses? Ryan: I was play­ing a sauna vir­gin, so no. Tim: Many years ago, I went for the first time with a friend. He was ex­cited but I was pet­ri­fied, so I went down­stairs and sat in a room watch­ing Tr­isha on the TV. I was on a sofa eat­ing a flapjack while two men fell asleep against both my shoul­ders. They scared me.




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