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Ah, the be­gin­ning of another year. Mo­ti­va­tion. Mo­ti­va­tion is what WE NEED! RAAARGH! It’s so hard to some­times find that ‘kick up the arse’ one of­ten needs. Be­lieve me, I’ve started to work out in the morn­ings again and it’s my boyfriend who’s the one lead­ing me down to the gym like a zom­bie. The rea­son why I’ve done this is A, time – I like to be so­cial and/or lazy in the evenings, so get­ting up an hour early to go to the gym seems so worth it. And B, testos­terone lev­els are nat­u­rally high in the morn­ing, so you do get more from your work­out. Thanks, body!

I re­cently took up the Max­iNutri­tion 30 day Cy­clone Chal­lenge. The word ‘chal­lenge’ is in­ter­est­ing, as it’s not like en­ter­ing a Tough Mud­der or other such hellish ex­pe­ri­ence, but you’re chal­leng­ing your­self, with the help of their nu­tri­tional ex­per­tise.

This sounds like a mas­sive ad­vert, but I saw this as an ex­cuse to try some­thing new while re­fo­cus­ing my­self. Chang­ing your diet can kick start changes in your body. Some take a lit­tle longer than oth­ers, but Max­iNutri­tion guar­an­tees 30 days. It pri­mar­ily in­volves stock­ing up and eat­ing all the Max­iNutri­tion Cy­clone you can take. Cy­clone comes in the form of pow­der, bars and milk­shakes.

I can say straight away that the bars aren’t great. They’re hard to eat. After one, I stopped hav­ing them. The tub of pow­der and the ready­made shakes are a lot eas­ier to stom­ach.

Cy­clone, as a mus­cle build­ing pro­tein pow­der, re­ally prides it­self on is its in­clu­sion of crea­tine as well as glu­tamine, zinc and HMB.

Crea­tine is a ni­troge­nous or­ganic acid which hap­pens nat­u­rally in the body to chan­nel en­ergy to cells within the body. It sup­plies your mus­cle fi­bres with oxy­gen and helps with re­sis­tance train­ing. There­fore, build­ing mus­cle. I tried crea­tine when I was a teenager and HATED IT. Mixed in with Cy­clone, it’s very much tol­er­a­ble but, again, don’t ‘OD’ on it.

Glu­tamine is an amino acid that oc­curs nat­u­rally in the body. It can help com­bat fat stor­age and by­pass de­po­si­tion nor­mally made by in­sulin.

Zinc, as a sup­ple­ment taken orally, can boost testos­terone lev­els, which helps cre­ate lean mus­cle mass.

HMB helps pre­vent pro­tein break­down, so you get the most from your work out. When you ex­er­cise, your mus­cle fi­bres tear and rip. HMB helps to re­cover what was lost.

All THIS, in one milk­shake is pretty good. In fact, it is mar­vel­lous. God, I’m sound­ing like a Hol­land & Bar­rett ad­vert, but hav­ing all that in one shake is prob­a­bly why Cy­clone is the other side of “rea­son­ably priced” but I hon­estly think it’s a good start­ing sup­ple­ment for be­gin­ners.

Dur­ing the 30 days, I kept my calo­ries up and be­tween the pow­der and the pre-made shake it was easy. I used the pow­der from the tub in the morn­ing along with my break­fast and used a pre-mixed Cy­clone Milk­shake ten min­utes after the gym.

My rou­tine con­sisted of three weight ses­sions and one car­dio a week.

It just took that ini­tial thought process at New Year’s for me to at­tempt some­thing new. Yeah, sure – they tap into the mar­ket at the right time of year, but if you look for the right thing and chal­lenge your­self cor­rectly, you can change up the way you move and work your body – and no­tice changes you want and de­serve.

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