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Hello Tyger! Tell us about Death in Par­adise I play a character called Ryan who’s 16. Ba­si­cally, my dad has up­rooted me from my life in Eng­land and dragged me over to this bor­ing lit­tle is­land and I don’t re­ally like it very much. I’ve got no friends and I’m a bit bored. I kind of re­sent him for that. The episode opens with us do­ing a reen­act­ment of the first Euro­pean set­tlers set­tling in the is­land that I now live on – and that’s when the mur­der takes place. EV­ERY­ONE is in the pic­ture. Are you good at fig­ur­ing out mys­ter­ies? Well, the thing is, when you read the script, you know, be­cause you have a script. But when it’s on TV, it’s shown in a way that the au­di­ence will find tough to work out. There’s lots of twists and turns… That’s Tyger Drew-Poirot to us, then? I’m more of a Sher­lock Holmes. Bene­dict Cum­ber­batch por­trayed him so well and as cool, and he’s such a mat­ted character. I’d ac­tu­ally love to give him a go. How was film­ing in the Caribbean? It was ab­so­lutely fan­tas­tic! To get a phone call and be told you’ve got three weeks in the Caribbean. Es­pe­cially be­cause I was only work­ing for like eight days. Most of the time out there I was just sat on the beach. And even when I was film­ing there was a lot of hang­ing around, when you can just go and sit on a rock and dan­gle your toes in the sea! And be­cause it’s filmed there for like six months a year, and it’s such a small is­land, ev­ery­one on the is­land knows what Death in Par­adise is, so it’s re­ally wel­com­ing. Did you let your hair down? There was one time we went to a Full Moon Party with the crew and we par­tied all night! I was danc­ing and ev­ery­one knew ev­ery­one on the is­land; all my new Caribbean friends. The Full Moon one was lit­er­ally just an all night party on the beach with danc­ing and lasers and stuff. Then there was a beach party at this five star ho­tel, but it was re­ally ex­pen­sive for a ta­ble, so ten of us all chipped in and got cham­pagne. We watched all th­ese big jig­gly Caribbean bums bounc­ing ev­ery­where.

What was the re­ac­tion like to your porn doc­u­men­tary last year? The porn se­ries was very well re­ceived, I think a lot of peo­ple learned from it. It’s some­thing that’s been as­so­ci­ated with me for a long time now, with my par­ents be­ing in porn. To be hon­est, I think peo­ple were just sur­prised that I had porn star par­ents and turned out OK. You know, I’m not a scum bag. Did you get naked your­self? There was one episode where I had a back, sack and crack, and in the com­men­tary I say, ‘Oh God, I can’t imag­ine what ev­ery­one is tweet­ing right now!’ I was look­ing at the tweets and they were like, ‘Did I just see Tyger’s anus?!’ What’s new in 2015, Tyger? I’ve just started do­ing a new se­ries, and the first one is go­ing to be about youth sex­u­al­ity, be­cause we’re the first gen­er­a­tion with more free­dom to ex­plore our sex­u­al­ity and call our­selves some­thing other than gay or straight. I’ve got my new se­ries of Tyger Takes On com­ing up and – fin­gers crossed – we might have another se­ries of Cuckoo.

GT chats with teen sit­com ac­tor and son of porn stars, Tyger Drew-Honey, as he joins ex­otic who­dun­nit Death in Par­adise

Death in Par­adise with Tyger Drew-Honey airs 22 Jan, 9PM, BBC One, @tyger

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