Sweetie, Dar­ling?


Michelle Gomez was our favourite thing about Green Wing and Psy­chobitches. And now as Missy, a fe­male in­car­na­tion of the Master, she’s also our favourite thing about Doc­tor Who

You’re pro­mot­ing se­ries eight of Doc­tor Who on DVD – is this your first ex­pe­ri­ence of meet­ing Doc­tor Who fans? Yes. Apart from the other day I did get some crois­sants [gig­gles] be­cause there was a woman in Brook­lyn that liked Doc­tor Who, so she gave me some free pas­tries. Pick a ques­tion from our sweetie jar… Can we have one with my foot in it? Would that work? I think I could prob­a­bly get both legs in there [laughs]. I think I should be stand­ing in it. Have you ever thrown a diva tantrum? No I haven’t no. What with me not be­ing a diva, no. What’s the most em­bar­rass­ing mo­ment of your ca­reer? Prob­a­bly when I was a crow, stuck up a tree when I was first start­ing out. Squawk­ing at peo­ple to come into my show. which didn’t work. It was all just me and one guy out there. It was when I was first start­ing out, it was at the Ed­in­burgh fes­ti­val. I gave good crow. When was your campest mo­ment? Oh I think Missy’s pretty camp! Missy’s pretty high up the list of be­ing my campest cre­ation. Well, I mean you pop that out­fit on and there’s not much else you need to do re­ally. What’s your favourite song to sing in the shower? Oh umm hmm, what was that one? [Starts singing] ‘What about me, about my life’. [Laughs] Jen­nifer Hud­son sang it in… Dream­girls. Who’s your big­gest crush? Big­gest crush… my hus­band [Jack Daven­port]. He’s gor­geous. Still I get asked: ‘How did you do that?’ [Laughs] I mean, when you get mar­ried to somebody, you’ve been with them for 18 years and you’re talk­ing about ‘Have you fixed the dish­washer’, you for­get you’ve got that sorta do­mes­tic bliss go­ing on and then oc­ca­sion­ally you see them with fresh eyes and oc­ca­sion­ally I do go [gasp] ‘My God, you’re quite good look­ing’. Be­cause nor­mally it’s [nag­ging voice] ‘Have you done this? Have you done that?’ And then you go, ‘Oh my God, you’re gor­geous.’ What would you name your au­to­bi­og­ra­phy? Damn, I’ve had a good few in the past and now I’m on the spot I can’t think what they are. Oh I don’t know. Oh! Pop It In And Give It A Good Stir [laughs]. What’s your favourite word? Potato. Hol­la­mack­adoo. What’s your big­gest pet hate? Hol­la­mack­adoo is a very good word. I just made it up. What was the other ques­tion? What’s your big­gest pet hate? Oh it’s sort of… in­er­tia. Who’s the most fa­mous per­son you’ve ever met? Maybe Jack Nicholson. Just did a show with a cou­ple of fa­mous peo­ple. Tim Rob­bins, Jack Black, they’re quite fa­mous. I don’t know, in this business you sort’ve, you meet fa­mous peo­ple don’t you. You just kinda go, ‘Oh, hiya.’ Where’s the strangest place you’ve ever put your hand? [Laughs] That’s pa­thetic. I flew all the way from New York for this… If your anger had a shape what would it be? My anger had a shape? A puma. The shape of a puma. What five words best de­scribe you? Giddy, dark, light, kind and ad­ven­tur­ous. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? First thing I do… Well, I have a pee [laughs]. Brush my teeth. What’s your favourite breed of dog? Oh, it’s Jack Rus­sell. I have one. Frank Arthur Daven­port. He’s about seven now. Got him in Ful­ham. What’s the best free­bie you’ve ever been given? [Quickly] Oh, you know, first class flights.

Not crois­sants? Such a diva… Oh! First class fights, see I AM a diva. First class flights, dar­ling. What a cunt. What was the last thing you read about your­self on the in­ter­net? I don’t. I just don’t. I just don’t go there. I don’t even watch my­self ei­ther. I haven’t re­ally seen this. I tried to watch it the other night but the cable box kept cut­ting out ev­ery sin­gle time I came on. It worked per­fectly fine for the com­mer­cials but ev­ery time I came on it just cut out. I tend to just sort of say it and go, and I’m onto the next thing. What’s the worst lie you’ve ever pulled off? That I’m a woman. That I’m Jack’s beard. Which re­al­ity TV show would you most want to go on? Oof no. No. I couldn’t. No no. I don’t think I could do that. [Adopts luvvey ac­tor voice] Just out of prin­ci­ple, be­cause then I’d be out of a job you see! What kind of films are you into? Funny and sad, happy and you know, all the films with all the stuff in them [laughs]. The last film I went to see was Bird­man, which was in­cred­i­ble, and I like lots of y’know, dark, edgy, Nor­we­gian films.You know, ev­ery­thing and any­thing re­ally. Any­thing with Will Fer­rell in it. Any­thing with a broad spec­trum of any genre, re­ally. What’s the strangest thing a fan has ever given you? I haven’t re­ally, well back to the crois­sant again. I haven’t re­ally been given any­thing from a fan. Yet. Well, that fuck­ing jar is a bit odd. You’re not hav­ing it. [Laughs] And you’re not a fan! You’re not hav­ing it and I’m not a fan. Have this lad­der, climb to the top of it and get over your­self [laughs]. What’s your worst ever in­jury? Oh, gan­grene. On what you would nor­mally call, well… I’m per­fect phys­i­cally from the knee down and the rest is a mess.Yeah, I had gan­grene on the shin. I smacked it. It was an in­jury when I flung my­self off a 30 foot ramp be­cause I was do­ing a show and my catcher didn’t re­ally catch me and my leg smashed down the side of it. I didn’t re­ally do any­thing about it un­til it went green. Oh it’s fine, it’s fine… If you could be an an­i­mal which would you be and why? A bird. I’d like to be a bird fly­ing around the sky. Look­ing at peo­ple. Shit­ting on peo­ple from high [laughs]. If you could go back in time to any pe­riod of his­tory when would it be and why? The 50s. Just be­cause of the mu­sic. That’s why I love Des­mond Car­ring­ton, from his home in Perthshire. BBC Ra­dio 2, I think. Yes, I just love the ro­mance and all that jazz. Who’s your style icon? Mag­gie Smith. Frances de la Tour. If you could have Mag­gie Smith, Frances de la Tour mashed up with a bit of smat­ter­ing of Jen­nifer Lopez. That would be the most per­fect woman. [Flips her hair] I’m still, I’m still Missy from the block. That was a missed op­por­tu­nity. There should be more Missy songs like that. [Sings] I’m still, I’m still Missy from the block, used to have a lit­tle now I have a lot. Now I’ve got the uni­verse. There must be loads of Missy puns.What else haven’t we done? I don’t know but we have to say goodbye to Missy, be­cause she’s the Master. You mean we can’t keep call­ing her Missy, we have to call her the Master? I in­sist upon it at home [laughs].


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