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Wor­thing, 27, re­tail as­sis­tant man­ager


For the most part, I’m re­ally com­fort­able in just my un­der­wear. It’s that lit­tle se­cu­rity blan­ket which makes me feel com­fort­able. I don’t have my emo­tions on the sur­face and I don’t think any­one quite re­alises how OCD I am about cer­tain things. I guess it’s be­cause there’s been so many peo­ple that’ve had con­trol over me at some point. I was bul­lied for 17 years for be­ing slight. I was ac­cused one day, by a teacher, of be­ing anorexic. My weight has al­ways been a prob­lem of mine. But re­gard­less what any­one else thought, re­gard­less of what any­one wants from me, the mo­ment I de­cided that I’d take con­trol, I started to feel bet­ter about my­self. The bul­ly­ing will never go away. I’m still al­ways go­ing to be the crum­pled sheet of pa­per that has been spread back out… but at least I feel more com­fort­able. What I’d say is – you’re you, and once you ac­cept that you’re you, and not al­low any­one else to tell what you should be, you’ll be happy.

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