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Are you any good at flirt­ing? I used to be quite good at it, but I’m a lit­tle out of prac­tice. I’m not on my top game any­more, so I don’t re­mem­ber re­ally what I’m do­ing. What’s the naugh­ti­est thing you’ve done this week? You know what it is? I spent 20 quid on sweets, ‘cos I re­ally wanted a pick ‘n’ mix. That’s hon­estly as naughty as it’s get­ting for me this week. What’s the sex­i­est ac­cent? I used to think it was re­ally well-spo­ken English, but re­cently I’ve got this thing for the Scot­tish. I don’t know where it’s come from. I re­ally like the Amer­i­can ac­cent, too. When was the last time you took a naked selfie? I take pic­tures in my pants daily, but full blown naked? I’ve never re­ally done that. Es­pe­cially not to go on the ol’ in­ter­net. If I make it as a singer and all th­ese peo­ple had naked pic­tures of me… I’d panic! I’d be

You might recog­nise him from The X Fac­tor, when he au­di­tioned as part of boy­band The Plas­tics. But now Tom D London is go­ing it alone as a solo artist. And whooops, he just so hap­pens to have lost all his clothes, too. Pre­sent­ing this month’s GT Fitty...

like Kim Kar­dashian with a sex tape… I don’t think my mum would be able to han­dle it as well as Kris Jen­ner did. Who’s your big­gest man crush? Dou­glas Booth – be­cause he’s manly, but not in a re­ally rugged way. He’s still quite a pretty boy in a manly, sexy way. Who was the last per­son to see you naked? Matt, the pho­tog­ra­pher! How bor­ing! Well, say­ing that, I’m in a show at the mo­ment, in a chang­ing room of boys, and we get naked all the time. They’re straight though, so it’s not as fun as you’d think. De­scribe the pants you’re wear­ing… White Ver­sace briefs. I’m def­i­nitely a briefs kinda guy. I like ev­ery­thing to be in one place. Have you ever had sex out­side? Yes. But my mum’s go­ing to read this, so let’s just leave it at out­side. What’re your three top tips for a good date? Be in­ter­ested in what each other are talk­ing about, lis­ten to what the other per­son is say­ing and be con­fi­dent. Don’t be shy and re­served, ‘cos that makes ev­ery­thing un­com­fort­able. If you’re com­fort­able in your own skin, it’s not go­ing to be awk­ward. If you’re awk­ward, then the date is gonna go shit. Is Brad Pitt still hot? Yeah, he’s hot. But I’ve never been like, ‘Oh my God, he’s so per­fect.’ He’s still at­trac­tive, but he’s not re­ally a dilf I would filth. What’s your big­gest dat­ing dis­as­ter? The worst thing is when you meet up with some­one and they don’t look like any­thing you ex­pected them to, and then you’re like, ‘Oh, I don’t fancy you any­more…’ Which mem­ber of One Di­rec­tion would you marry? Zayn Ma­lik. But re­cently he’s had this long hair thing go­ing on and I’m not re­ally feel­ing it. He looks a bit greasy. But usu­ally, I’d al­ways say Zayn.





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