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OK Go are prob­a­bly the most watched in­die pop band on the in­ter­net. We’ve no way of check­ing this, but at 178 mil­lion views and count­ing, their slew of vi­ral videos have made them a face, if not al­ways a name, of the in­ter­net. They did that video danc­ing on the tread­mills. They are OK Go, and we have the plea­sure of chat­ting via Skype to their lead singer Damian in an­tic­i­pa­tion of their ac­tu­ally bril­liant new al­bum Hun­gry Ghosts.

When some­one says an al­bum is a grower, it’s a bit of a back­handed com­pli­ment. But Hun­gry Ghosts has its more im­me­di­ate joys, es­pe­cially the early tracks like Up­side Down and Inside Out, Another Set of Is­sues and Ob­ses­sion – all amaz­ing col­li­sions of elec­tro and rock, with a kind of Sleigh Bells sound to them. And their lat­est sin­gle I Won’t Let You Down, a more disco-in­spired af­fair, ob­vi­ously comes with an in­ge­nious hi-tech video.

“Ba­si­cally our whole thing is play­ing,” Damian ex­plains, “and when some­one says, ‘You guys are so hi-tech,’ yeah, but we’re also lo-fi, ev­ery­thing we do is weird and home­made. It feels like it’s made with duct tape most of the time.”

What we love about their videos, hav­ing sat through them all, is that they just don’t look like they’d be all that good at danc­ing. And yet – they are.

“We’ve been play­ing on­stage to­gether for 16 years. If we couldn’t do things in sync with each other, man, we’d be fucked!”

Although the en­tire band is straight, they do have a hefty set of gay cre­den­tials. Apart from the cre­ative flam­boy­ance, one of Damian’s early favourite records was Catch­ing Up with Depeche Mode, claim­ing one of the 80s more ho­mo­erotic al­bum cov­ers. And a few days after the in­ter­view, he mes­sages us to ca­su­ally say: “I for­got to men­tion – stupidly – that I used to work in a gay bar in London! I was a server at Free­dom in 1997.” But to be hon­est, that’s not where our at­ten­tion is go­ing. It’s not es­caped our no­tice that Tim and Dan are sport­ing some mighty fine beards at the mo­ment, which al­ways makes us think about their bear aware­ness. Turns out they’re at Bear Force One lev­els of knowl­edge.

“Every­body is aware that bear cul­ture ex­ists. Tim has a re­ally in­ter­est­ing re­la­tion­ship to all this, be­cause even be­fore the beard, Tim was wear­ing a lit­tle black leather page boy cap. And he couldn’t be dress­ing more gay.

“I re­mem­ber we’d stop in the South and he’d be a lit­tle wor­ried about go­ing into some scary truck stop re­stroom, he was like, ‘Dude, I’m gonna get beat up in there,’ and I was like, ‘Why do you think you’re gonna get beat up in there?’ And he said ,‘Cos I’m Jewish!’”

OK Go’s al­bum Hun­gry Ghosts is out 16 Fe­bru­ary, they play Koko, London on 13 Fe­bru­ary, okgo.net, @okgo

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