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Jan­uary. The cru­elest of months. Some­how man­ages to con­vince you that this year will be dif­fer­ent – in the gym, at home, at work. Ev­ery­where! And. And! You can spend money on things to make your­self feel like that might be true for a bit longer than the power of pos­i­tive thought alone can achieve…

Charge! The lat­est it­er­a­tion of, well, the Fit­bit, the Charge mea­sures all you’d ex­pect – calo­ries burned, steps taken, dis­tance trav­elled, sleep etc – all with im­proved ac­cu­racy and smart fea­tures like know­ing when you’re sleep­ing. And, you know; Jan­uary sales…

Keep it slen­der, tone Slen­der­tone’s lat­est batch of male­fo­cused elec­tronic mus­cle stim­u­la­tion bands (tar­get­ing spe­cific ar­eas like arms, the bum and, of course, abs) are de­signed to be worn dur­ing ex­er­cise for best re­sults. Or un­til you stop go­ing to the gym in Fe­bru­ary. Slen­der­, from £39.99

Bite the bul­let Sure, the Nutribul­let has been around for a while but hey, new year, new… oh, what­ever. The Nutribul­let smashes your cho­sen fruit and veg into its most ab­sorp­tive state, so there’s some nu­tri­tion along with the juice. And, you know; Jan­uary sales. Buynu­tribul­let., from £99.99

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