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Ques­tion I keep see­ing Twit­ter gays talk­ing about bulk­ing – but what ex­actly is that?? – Adam, via Twit­ter.

An­swer Yes, Twit­ter. Once you wade through the ‘gym chat’ and in­se­cu­ri­ties, you can get some use­ful ex­er­cise tit-bits from there… or not! Bulk­ing is ba­si­cally ex­actly what it sounds like – eat­ing a lot of food to gain weight and there­fore in­crease mus­cle mass. There’s of­ten a lot of peo­ple do­ing this in­cor­rectly, that first episode of South Park comes to mind… ”BEEF­CAKE!” If you’re train­ing re­ally hard, your calo­rie in­take should be high, so you feel the ben­e­fit of eat­ing all that food and supplementation. Mus­cle mass will slowly follow. A lot of bodybuilders use the win­ter months to bulk up and start to “shred” or “cut” in the spring/sum­mer months to look their best for com­pe­ti­tions – and also when the sun’s out!

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