I was so young when I first hap­pened across Jonathan Har­vey’s Beau­ti­ful Thing that I don’t care to re­mem­ber the de­tails. But then, this would be a mer­ci­fully short edi­tor’s let­ter, so re­mem­ber it I will. Pic­ture it! Ed­in­burgh, 1996. My first exboyfriend bought me a copy of the film on VHS for my birth­day – it was a Vir­gin Me­ga­s­tore ex­clu­sive at the time and, given that I worked a few doors down as video buyer for their com­peti­tor HMV, I was bliss­fully un­aware of it or the stage play it was based on. I im­me­di­ately fell in love. I made my soon-to-be sec­ond boyfriend watch it, in the hope it would help him come to terms with his sex­u­al­ity – he’s since been mar­ried and di­vorced to and from an­other gen­tle­man of the same per­sua­sion, so I think we aced that one. I bought the sound­track. “Why do you want that?” my boss asked. “The Ma­mas and the Pa­pas great­est hits is much bet­ter value.” But I wanted any­thing to do with Jamie and Ste. I think I even bought the script book. I fi­nally felt I had a voice, that there were other young (as I was then...) peo­ple like me. I tried, and failed, for years to find any­thing that might be like it. Get Real, any­one? I couldn’t pos­si­bly have fore­seen the path Beau­ti­ful Thing would take me on and I’m gen­uinely de­lighted that Gay Times – the very same mag­a­zine as stolen by Jamie – is a me­dia part­ner for the 2015 UK tour of this ground­break­ing play. The pro­duc­tion, as seen in Lon­don’s West End in 2013 and soon to re­turn to the Arts Theatre there, is as won­der­ful and mov­ing as ever. I hope the tour not only en­ter­tains but ed­u­cates and en­light­ens many peo­ple, as that first ex­pe­ri­ence did for me oh so many years ago... Dar­ren Scott @dar­ren_s­cott

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