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For­ti­tude lies. And he goes on to ex­plain what an amaz­ing place to work it was.

“It was beau­ti­ful,” he tells us. “Ice­land is an amaz­ing place to film. I love ev­ery­thing about it re­ally – the peo­ple, the land­scape – there’s a real feel­ing of iso­la­tion be­ing out there. It’s a big part of what the show is, I sup­pose. The land­scape and be­ing in that small com­mu­nity.”

The com­mu­nity in ques­tion is one so small and quiet that it’s vir­tu­ally crime-free. But, as you might’ve guessed, the res­i­dents are soon rocked by a vi­o­lent mur­der which Luke’s char­ac­ter, Vin­cent, finds him­self right in the mid­dle of.

“He’s pretty in­no­cent in a way,” Luke says. “He has cer­tainly never been any­where like For­ti­tude be­fore, but I haven’t ei­ther. If his ex­pe­ri­ence in For­ti­tude had been like ev­ery­thing up un­til this point, he’d prob­a­bly have had a re­ally en­joy­able time study­ing away. But be­cause it all goes slightly ‘un­ex­pected’ in the mid­dle of the first episode for him, and for the

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