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Hands up, who’s been on a lads hol­i­day? Or a girls and gays hol­i­day? Most of you, we’re bet­ting. They’re just the best, right? All that sun, san­gria, sex, booze, sun, sex and more sex.

But even if you haven’t been on one, you’ll prob­a­bly have seen what goes on first-hand in ITV’s Ma­galuf Week­ender.

Well, the Week­ender is back. And this time ITV is whisk­ing you away on a sun-kissed soirée to Ibiza. Head rep Imo­gen is back to train new re­cruits, and there’s more top­less blokes than you can shake a, urm, stick at. Ex­pect enough sex­ual con­tent to chal­lenge a Jake Bass video.

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