I’ve never been, in par­tic­u­lar, all about be­ing ‘fit’. By ei­ther def­i­ni­tion. Firstly, I’m quite lazy. Se­condly, I don’t be­lieve that hav­ing a ripped, mus­cu­lar body will make me ‘fit’ in the sense of it mak­ing me at­trac­tive. So I’ve just plod­ded along – some­times lit­er­ally – as I am. While I’ve never been par­tic­u­larly fat, I’ve cer­tainly been sig­nif­i­cantly large at times, and I’m def­i­nitely more than a lit­tle bit wob­bly now. I could spout some life-af­firm­ing ‘meme-es­que’ quote about lov­ing your­self, and all that palaver, but if you don’t al­ready, you’re most likely not go­ing to lis­ten. As I write this, I’ve started a ‘detox’. Af­ter I agreed to said detox, I was told it would in­clude a ‘work out’ three times a week. We’ll see about that. But the point is, I’m will­ing to make a change – and not be­cause I want to have a sum­mer body or wash­board abs. I just don’t want to go up an­other size in trousers. Why’s that? That’s a state of mind, surely. Be­cause I’m not in­flu­enced by bod­ies on bill­boards, posters or mag­a­zines. And nei­ther should you be… Ev­ery­one has their body is­sues, and that’s what we’re look­ing at this month, in an in-depth GT sur­vey, as well as sev­eral fea­tures fo­cus­ing on other body parts rather than just your torso. Of course, the other sig­nif­i­cant change you could – or should – be con­tribut­ing to this month is more po­lit­i­cal than phys­i­cal, with the Gen­eral Elec­tion loom­ing. Slightly con­de­scend­ing, I apol­o­gise, but please vote. You have no right to com­plain if things don’t go your way, oth­er­wise. And then we’re hope­fully one step nearer to­wards one of us at least be­ing in bet­ter shape... Dar­ren Scott @dar­ren_s­cott

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