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was just the most re­mark­able thing. To have that many peo­ple crammed in and hav­ing such an awe­some time, singing ev­ery word. And it was so hot it was like a sauna, but it was great.”

Of course, the video for that song fea­tures a few of our own, which Kelly dis­cov­ered dur­ing a ra­dio in­ter­view in her adopted home­town of the last eight years, Nashville, Ten­nessee.

“He didn’t know that his boyfriend was go­ing to pro­pose to him. No one knew, so he was kinda con­fused in the video be­cause he was go­ing, ‘Is this real? Or for the video?’ It was just the most amaz­ing thing to cap­ture that live, and them em­brac­ing and that kiss, that was real.”

It is a bit of a state­ment to put that in your video, we try to ar­gue.

“It’s funny, we didn’t ac­tu­ally mean to do it as a state­ment be­cause I think in the artis­tic com­mu­nity we’re so far past that. Equal rights is a no brainer. It’s al­most like we’re in some bub­ble. All of a sud­den I’ll be in an in­ter­view and some­one will say like, ‘Oh, that’s quite state­ment,’ and I’ll be like, ‘Was it?!’”

We just think it’s great that some­one with such a plat­form as Kelly Clark­son is happy to throw a gay cou­ple in her video with­out a sec­ond thought and openly ac­knowl­edge and em­brace her gay fans. Surely Bey­oncé has the memo by now? Any­way, Kelly doesn’t think she’s spe­cial for it, and that’s great too.

“I think a lot of peo­ple are like, ‘Screw you! I’m gonna put this in my video be­cause this is life. Ac­cept it or go live on Mars.’ I’m tired of talk­ing about it. You know what I’m say­ing? I’m tired of it even be­ing an is­sue, be­cause it’s silly. Ev­ery­one should have equal rights, that’s it. Hello!”

Hello in­deed.

Piece by Piece is out now, kel­lyclark­, @kel­ly_clark­son

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