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He spent most of his time on The Ap­pren­tice half­naked and has gone on to fill the in­ter­net with his top­less self­ies – so what bet­ter ex­cuse than to strip the re­al­ity TV favourite and snap him at this best. Con­fi­dence lev­els at break­ing point, Solomon Akht

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Do you think your time on The Ap­pren­tice re­flected you ac­cu­rately? Yeah, def­i­nitely – re­ally ac­cu­rately. The Ap­pren­tice is one of those shows where it’s real life; it’s not scripted. Get­ting to the fi­nal five and be­ing por­trayed like I was in real life was great. Do you think be­ing open and vul­ner­a­ble got you as far as you did? I went into it not know­ing what to ex­pect at all. And yeah, when I got thrown into a room with Nick, Karen and Lord Sugar; I was in awe. It was a mas­sive mo­ment for me. I just kind of put a smile on my face and cracked a few jokes, you know? And I slipped up flirt­ing with a few girls. And your on­screen bro­mance with James, too? [Laughs] I know, I have SO much love for that boy. You know what, since the show, James and I get on so well. Have peo­ple con­tin­ued to in­ter­act with you since? I’m The Ap­pren­tice can­di­date with the most Twit­ter fol­low­ers, other than Mark the win­ner, which I’m re­ally proud of. Same on Instagram, too. Like, I’m not afraid to take top­less pic­tures, or share ran­dom stuff

from my life that’s hap­pened. Are top­less pic­tures some­thing you’ve al­ways posted? I pre­fer to be top­less and free than re­strained by clothes. I don’t just take loads of top­less self­ies – I take them about my life. So if I’m out and about, or at a gig or some­thing and I’m tak­ing a pic­ture, or if I’m at home just lay­ing on my sofa top­less, then that’s just me re­lax­ing. I quite like to cook top­less as well. When you cook top­less, it’s eas­ier to clean up. Clothes are op­tional with you, then? Ba­si­cally, yeah. [Laughs] Are you happy with the way that you look? Yeah, yeah, yeah! I’m re­ally con­fi­dent with the way I look. What one thing would you change, if any? One thing I’d change? I don’t know... I don’t think I’d change any­thing. It’s good to be happy with the body you’ve got. Where’s the best place some­one could take you on a date? Oh my God! My favourite date, def­i­nitely the aquar­ium, 100%, ‘cos I love fish. This is a mas­sive talk­ing point if you’re on a date. I think fish are quite like me – they’re both ac­tive and ran­dom, and I can res­onate with that. Where would be a big no-no? In a cinema you don’t get that, you can’t even see the per­son. But I did get off with a girl in the cinema once, on a first date when I was, like, 15. How do you feel about guys look­ing at all your pic­tures? I have so many gay friends – it doesn’t re­ally mat­ter if it’s girls or boys. I mean, I’m straight, but I don’t mind [laughs]. What are you do­ing now the show has ended? I’m do­ing a speak­ing tour around uni­ver­si­ties, talk­ing about busi­ness. And I’ve also been do­ing evenings and club events. Plus, a top­less shoot for GT! It’s a mas­sive thing for me... I haven’t done any top­less pic­tures be­fore. Well, asides from the self­ies.





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