When I was younger, I was par­tic­u­larly taken with Madonna’s song More, from the movie Dick Tracy. I adored all the songs from the film, but More in par­tic­u­lar stuck out – pos­si­bly be­cause it also had a hand-wav­ing dance rou­tine to go with it. Madonna, comic books and Sond­heim: it didn’t take any­one long to fig­ure out where that was all go­ing... I still love More to­day, and it’s one of a few songs I’ll at­tempt – badly, of course – to sing in the shower be­fore a day at GT beck­ons. Mainly be­cause it’s be­come some­thing of a way of think­ing when it comes to the mag you’re hold­ing now. ‘Noth­ing’s bet­ter than more...’ We’re a small team – with a lovely net­work of peo­ple that also con­trib­ute, but it’s not like Ugly Betty, sorry – and it made me laugh re­cently when some­one com­mented there was ‘too much’ in GT. Oops! That’s my bad. Our designer jokes that I think we can some­how defy physics, as each month we find we have too much ma­te­rial for the mag­a­zine. So if I had my way, you’d be get­ting even more. And while we did try our best to bend time and space, we’ve had to put a com­plete sec­ond shoot with Col­labro – who I’m de­lighted to have back in GT once more – in our dig­i­tal edi­tion. Yes, yet again there’s ‘too much’, but as Madonna sang: ‘If you’ve got a lit­tle, why not a lot?’ So you’ll need to check out gay­times. co.uk for even more ma­te­rial we just couldn’t fit here. Surely that makes us the best value for money gay mag­a­zine? Surely we should just stop at that? No? No! Of course not! We’re go­ing to make even MORE for you! “Never say when, never stop at plenty, if it’s gonna rain let it pour!” Dar­ren Scott @dar­ren_s­cott

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