vote. I like that. So are you now a Euro­vi­sion fan for life? I’m a huge fan of Euro­vi­sion! I think it’s bet­ter than most shows be­cause it’s so ac­cept­ing of mi­nori­ties. And it’s se­ri­ous for me be­cause I know all the artists are se­ri­ous peo­ple who love what they do, so it’s dis­re­spect­ful to say that it’s a joke. We are cre­ators. You are. We all are. Do you think Euro­vi­sion should be fight­ing for equal­ity? Any place is a right place! Have you been in touch with other Swedish Euro­vi­sion leg­ends ABBA? Yeah, I ac­tu­ally have! I was just starstruck and so I kept ba­si­cally quiet. They ARE Euro­vi­sion! I even­tu­ally asked Agnetha: “Sooo… Where did you get your clothes?” Where do you draw your emo­tional per­for­mances from? Some artists are more math­e­mat­i­cal when they sing, while there are some artists that just connect with some­thing. It’s like be­ing in a trance. It’s like you’re here, but you’re still not here. And that’s me when I per­form and that’s me when I sing. It’s not like I can’t think of any­thing else, it’s just what ex­ists here – a con­nec­tion with the au­di­ence and it’s very spe­cial. It’s very spir­i­tual what hap­pens on stage. Some peo­ple only see Euro­vi­sion as a bit of a joke. Should they take it more se­ri­ously? It just pisses me off when I hear it’s a joke. Re­ally. Mu­sic is mu­sic and it’s uni­ver­sal. It doesn’t mat­ter on what plat­form. I don’t like this “we’re bet­ter than you” elit­ist think­ing or when peo­ple are seg­re­gated. I don’t be­lieve in that. Would you ever com­pete at Euro­vi­sion again? Not right now. I would do it if I have some­thing to say. I think I’ll feel if it’s right or not. And it’s not like they’re not ask­ing me. But not yet be­cause Eu­pho­ria’s still so strong. It hasn’t faded out yet. I’d do it for the per­for­mance... But the whole com­pe­ti­tion, the anx­i­ety, the votes, the “I’m bet­ter than you!” “No we’re not, we’re the same!” – those parts I re­ally don’t like.

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Her win­ning per­for­mance was one of the main in­spi­ra­tions for The Smiths front­man Mor­ris­sey

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I just think, my they up­dated it by now? I was in been in­volved in a huge di­vorce scan­dal. I had to do it in a sep­a­rate stu­dio with­out an au­di­ence be­cause I was so stig­ma­tised.

It was pretty aw­ful know­ing that the BBC and the whole estab­lish­ment were so against me – and then I had to go and rep­re­sent the UK in Europe. But I knew that the peo­ple loved

me. Swe­den Won in Azer­bai­jan, 2012 Eu­pho­ria Eu­pho­ria sold 62,148


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