From Hal­loween to the hal­lowed hall of fame that’s be­ing in a Mar­vel movie – GT meets Hollywood’s hottest hero Paul Rudd


At GT we like to think big. So nat­u­rally our first ques­tion to the lead­ing man of Mar­vel’s *other* sum­mer block­buster, Ant-Man, is… Does size re­ally mat­ter?

Paul Rudd laughs – prob­a­bly po­litely, as it’s surely not the first and def­i­nitely not the last time this ques­tion will pop up.

“Well, clearly,” he says cheek­ily, and we know the ac­tor is in good spir­its for our chat.

But as much as we’re estab­lished comic book nerds, this is the su­per­hero movie that maybe peo­ple weren’t ex­pect­ing… How big – no pun in­tended – was he on the mythol­ogy of the re­formed thief-turned-good-guy with the power to shrink to the size of – you guessed it – an ant?

“Grow­ing up I used to read comics a lit­tle bit, but I was never a real su­per­hero kind of kid,” Paul ad­mits. “Ac­tu­ally I was re­ally into English comics, be­cause my par­ents are Bri­tish and my aunt and un­cle, when they came to visit us once as a kid, my cousin brought a stack of Beano and Dandy, and he left them all with me and I loved them. So my rel­a­tives would send me those comics, I got re­ally into those and then a lit­tle bit of Archie and Veron­ica, more of the kind of funny comics, I’d say, than the su­per­hero stuff. Al­though I did have some of the su­per­hero stuff.”

He’s join­ing an elite crew of ac­tors in Mar­vel’s Cin­e­matic Uni­verse – which of the others caught his eye grow­ing up?

“Of the su­per­hero ones, pretty stan­dard ones. Hulk, I liked, Spi­der-Man… I had some weird ones. I re­mem­ber once there was about five min­utes there were I was like, ‘I’m go­ing to try and get into comic book col­lect­ing,’ and I was find­ing char­ac­ters that peo­ple didn’t know about, or weren’t stan­dard. But I didn’t know about Ant-Man,” he laughs. “That one es­caped me.”

Pre­sum­ably he’s fully up to speed on Scott Lang and his heroic al­terego since? “I am now!” he chuck­les. And of course, in the film, he has the now oblig­a­tory Mar­vel shirt­less scene, how did he get into shape for that?

“I kinda took the Chris Pratt ap­proach, which was, cut out any­thing that’s re­ally fun for about a year,” he laughs, “I didn’t drink and I didn’t eat french fries, I had a very strict reg­i­ment, as far as eat­ing and what I was eat­ing, and I was work­ing out a lot with a trainer. I would do car­dio work on my own and then I also worked with another guy, worked on gym­nas­tics, tum­bling, park­our train­ing. Just that kind of stuff to get

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