She’s given us Love and Kisses, helped us Put the Nee­dle on It and made us Be­gin to Won­der… Whether or not she’d ever re­lease any new ma­te­rial, that is. But now, eight years af­ter her last stu­dio al­bum, Dan­nii Minogue is back. And not a mo­ment too soon,


“Dan­nii! Dan­nii! Dan­nii!”

We’re back­stage at Manch­ester Pride with our favourite Minogue sis­ter – shhhh! Don’t tell the other one! – and the walls of our lit­tle hide­away are prac­ti­cally shak­ing from the noise of thou­sands upon thou­sands of fans pack­ing out the city’s gay vil­lage and chant­ing for the woman her­self.

“Oh my Gooooooood!” she squeals, some­what ner­vously. It’s less than 30 min­utes be­fore she’s due to take to the stage. “Lit­tle do they know know I’m right here!”

Right here is, of course, back­stage with GT giv­ing a very rare and a very ex­clu­sive in­ter­view about life, love and the fu­ture for, ar­guably, the queen of club mu­sic.

“Right, fo­cus, I for­got what I was say­ing...”

Fun­nily enough, we were ask­ing Dan­nii how it feels to be back. Back in the UK, her home away from home, and back to the un­ques­tion­able adu­la­tion of her fans. Less than 24 hours be­fore our in­ter­view, she played her first UK gig in NINE years to an­other ador­ing crowd in Lon­don. A warmup for her set in Manch­ester – cer­tainly the most an­tic­i­pated of the en­tire Pride sea­son.

“It was a home­com­ing,” she smiles, proudly. “My brother was there, he’d flown in from Aus­tralia, and he al­ways used to come to my gigs when he lived in Lon­don. I had a mate there who I’ve been friends with for years. It was a home­com­ing with friends and a home­com­ing with fans. I guess there’s a lot of mem­o­ries for peo­ple who’ve grown up with my mu­sic, but there’s fans who’re just com­ing on board now.”

Dan­nii’s right. A glance into the crowd shows faces of all ages, gen­ders, sex­ual ori­en­ta­tions and back­grounds.

“Be­ing back in the UK,” Dan­nii con­tin­ues, “has been about ev­ery­body gath­er­ing to­gether, en­joy­ing mu­sic, cel­e­brat­ing equal­ity and just giv­ing a bit of tits, tin­sel and se­quins.”

Tits, tin­sel and se­quins. With our col­lec­tive jour­nal­ism de­grees, we don’t think we could’ve summed up Dan­nii’s tri­umphant re­turn bet­ter our­selves. In both Lon­don and Manch­ester, Dan­nii com­mands the stage in a se­quinned, bub­blegum pink jump­suit, adorned with pink fur. And our ex­pert ad­ju­di­ca­tors have con­firmed that, yes, tits are very much present, too.

With all the style-over-sub­stance pop stars who’ve come and gone int he nine years since Dan­nii was last on our shores, it’s a huge re­lief to have an un­abashed, no-non­sense, brazen pop star back on stage. It begs the ques­tion, though, is this jaunt just a bit of fore­play, or can we ex­pect Dan­nii back in our lives a bit more reg­u­larly.

“Well,” she starts, a mil­lion dol­lar smile spread­ing across her face, un­able to con­tain her ex­cite­ment, “I’ve been in the stu­dio in LA, in Syd­ney and in Lon­don, just putting stuff to­gether so I can re­lease some new mu­sic…”

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