Craig’s Bond was play­ing with his fem­i­nine side and he didn’t mind at all


This ve­neer of campy fun has also been use­ful in hid­ing a core of pretty vile misog­yny. As long­time fans of the films, some years ago we turned to the Flem­ing books, start­ing at the be­gin­ning with Casino Royale. Some of it has dated, to say the least. Take our hero’s thoughts on Ves­per, the orig­i­nal Bond girl: “Th­ese blither­ing women who thought they could do a man’s work. Why the hell couldn’t they stay at home, mind their pots and pans, stick to their frocks and gos­sip, and leave men’s work to the men… The silly lit­tle bitch.”

So yes, Bond has al­ways been camp, and this camp­ness has


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