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As long as there are bears, there’ll al­ways be beards. Groom­ing Guru Lee Ky­nas­ton has a few tips for en­sur­ing yours is ban­gin’.


01. Dodge dan­druff.

Ac­cord­ing to some ar­chae­ol­o­gists, fa­cial hair may have orig­i­nated as a way to keep our an­ces­tors cool when they hunted by wick­ing mois­ture away from the skin. Which is great if you’re chas­ing mam­moths in 4,000BC, but not so great if you’re chas­ing men in 2016, be­cause this wick­ing ac­tion Add to that an ac­cu­mu­la­tion of dead cells that would nor­mally be elim­i­nated by ex­fo­li­at­ing and you’ve got a recipe for fa­cial hair fouled by

away with the help of Billy Jeal­ousy Beard Wash (£20 from nive­nand­ and en­sure that the skin be­neath your beard is prop­erly hy­drated by ap­ply­ing a mois­turiser or beard oil (see be­low), us­ing un­der the hair.

02. Keep in trim.

Like bon­sai trees and rose bushes, beards need reg­u­lar prun­ing if they’re to look their best. So keep yours neat and tidy with a gadget like Rem­ing­ton’s Barba Beard Trim­mer (£24.99 from ama­, which has a range of cut­ting lengths and – cru­cially – a pop-up de­tailer so you can tidy the hair around the lips and neck. Since hair re­laxes and ex­pands when wet – con­tract­ing again once it dries – al­ways cut when it’s still damp, or your beard may end up shorter than you bar­gained for!

03. Dye like a man.

Stub­ble more colour­ful beard dye like Just For Men Mous­tache & Beard Gel (£7.29 from Boots) that’s been es­pe­cially de­signed to pen­e­trate fa­cial hair, which is head. It also comes with a spe­cial brush so you can touch up prob­lem ar­eas, if you pre­fer. Or try Root Van­ish by Kazumi (£30 from Boots) – a more costly so­lu­tion, it uses plant-based dyes de­liv­ered via a brush to dis­guise the greys, the day.

04. Thicken things up.

Few men’s beards are per­fect – ex­cept, per­haps, DJ/model Chris Cam­plin’s – and it’s those lit­tle quirks and im­per­fec­tions that make each one unique. Re­cent re­search has shown that the thick­ness of a man’s beard is ge­net­i­cally pre­pro­grammed by a gene called IRF4, so there’s not much you can do about that. But you can make it ap­pear fuller by treat­ing it to a blow-dry. Not only will this helps dis­guise any bald patches by pulling the hair over them. Sim­ply wash your beard, pat with a towel to re­move ex­cess wa­ter, and use a small brush or comb to gen­tly tease the hair down­wards as you dry.

05. Oil and brush up.

Not only will a slick of beard oil make your face fur­ni­ture smell nice, it’ll also help keep it soft and shiny, and help mois­turise the skin be­neath too. Invest in a beard oil like Swag­ger & Jack’s Ul­ti­mate Beard Oil (£14.95 from swag­gerand­ and you’ll also be able to use it area be­neath your beard – it’s trans­parency will make it much eas­ier for you to see where you’re shav­ing than if you were to use a foam or cream.

To dis­trib­ute the oil evenly use a brush like The Kent Beard Brush (£20 from kent­ A bear’s best friend, it’s also per­fect for keep­ing your fa­cial hair tan­gle free, re­mov­ing else you might have stuck in your fur. Yes folks, even beards have their Some­thing About Mary mo­ments.

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