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Sexy and dash­ing are just two of many com­pli­ments we could pay Out­lander star Sam Heughan, yet it seems gay fans are too busy ogling him on screen to put pen to pa­per or fin­ger to so­cial media. Sam plays the of­ten­times kilt-wear­ing, some­times all-but-full-frontally-naked Jamie Fraser in the raunchy TV show – and he’s not just easy on the eye, but he’s also a ter­rific ac­tor...

he should be del­uged with gay fan mail. “But where is it?” the Scots­man asks with mock in­dig­na­tion. “Where is my gay fan mail? Maybe some­one goes through my mail and maybe they’re tak­ing it out.”

and a cheeky grin and adds: “I’d like to see a bit of saucy fan mail. That’d be great. I need gay fan­base, this hum­blest of hunks reck­ons a great char­ac­ter and he works out and rides a horse. There are also a lot of at­trac­tive ac­tors on the show and great sets and great sto­ry­lines. Who wouldn’t en­joy that?”

a mat­ter of time be­fore the 35-year-old is del­uged with the gay fan mail he cov­ets so. ques­tion: What’s un­der the kilt?

Sam smiles again – some­thing he does a lot. “I’ll leave it to your read­ers’ imag­i­na­tions,” he says, “and you’ll have to watch the whole of in a show that doesn’t balk at var­i­ous stages of nu­dity both male and fe­male, there’s a big re­veal com­ing? Here’s that smile again and a teas­ing, “There might be!”

Sea­son two of the time-trav­el­ling ad­ven­ture show sees our hero but­toned tale of a Sec­ond World War nurse named back in time to 1743 Scot­land. She meets thanks to the machi­na­tions of sadistic

to Paris with a mis­sion to sub­vert the en­joy all that re­stric­tive cloth­ing,” the ac­tor ad­mits, look­ing rather more re­laxed in jeans and a ca­sual shirt as he lolls on a sofa in the Soho Ho­tel. “There’s a re­lief when those lay­ers.” So yes, we’ll be see­ing those long, mus­cled legs later in the sea­son as greet­ing an old friend.”

nat­u­rally, heav­ily trau­ma­tised by the bru­tal not about tit­il­la­tion, but rather a ter­ri­fy­ing as­ser­tion of power — Ran­dall loathes Jamie and cov­ets Claire — took ten days to film. "It's some of the hard­est stuff I've ever done," Sam ad­mits, "but it wasn't just about the act of rape, it was more about this bat­tle of two wills and the arc of Black Jack Ran­dall break­ing Jamie down. He re­ally messes with him and it was a hor­rific ex­pe­ri­ence, with long days, but as an ac­tor you want to be chal­lenged." The rape is in Diana Gabaldon's best­seller on which the first sea­son was based — there are eight nov­els in to­tal — and there was no ques­tion of recre­at­ing it on screen. Asked why, Jamie ex­plains: "We learn so much about these two char­ac­ters and it's im­por­tant to show Jamie as a sur­vivor." And it's not, the ac­tor con­tin­ues, about sex­u­al­ity. "To­bias has said Ran­dall isn't gay and I be­lieve Diana has said that too. It's out of Ran­dall's want to mess with Jamie's mind. It's all part of him brand­ing and de­stroy­ing Jamie." And what about Jamie's sex­u­al­ity? Sam con­sid­ers the ques­tion care­fully and says: "There's a mo­ment where he en­joys it, but that's about the clev­er­ness of what Ran­dall has done to him. He's in such a place of pain when Ran­dall brings him some re­lief, and that's clas­sic tor­ture tech­nique." Sex, nu­dity and in­deed rape are all also fea­tured on Game of Thrones — a show which gets more awards love than Out­lander, even though they both push the bound­aries with equal aplomb. There are no sour grapes from Sam, though, who's a big GOT fan and pitches: "It'd be a great crossover if me and Jon Snow could show up some­where to­gether." He's promis­ing a lighter tone as sea­son two un­folds. The im­age of Sam in his fine French clob­ber brings to mind that French and Saun­ders "Don't say yes" Dan­ger­ous Li­aisons spoof, which gets the ac­tor laugh­ing. "We should've done a lit­tle skit and I def­i­nitely should've been put in one of those corsets. That would've been amus­ing. We missed a trick there." We'd cer­tainly pay good money to see Sam romp­ing with Si­mon Cal­low, who plays the Duke of San­dring­ham on the show and be­comes more cen­tral to the plot this year. Sam talks fondly of his es­teemed co-star: "He's one of my idols. He's very funny and very good at telling these great anec­dotes, in that won­der­ful voice of his. But as soon as they say 'ac­tion', he goes straight into it and you're left stand­ing. He's an ab­so­lute pro and he's there writ­ing sev­eral books, re­hears­ing his one-man show, with clas­si­cal mu­sic blar­ing from his trailer." And what's Sam do­ing be­tween takes? He laughs. "Eat­ing, drink­ing cof­fee, play­ing dance mu­sic — any­thing but be­ing cre­ative."

Out­lander sea­son two is avail­able now for un­lim­ited stream­ing and down­load ex­clu­sively on Ama­zon Prime Video, with new episodes air­ing weekly

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