I read your ar­ti­cle on body im­age and I think my body dys­mor­phia is out of con­trol, t-shirts to look big­ger! Do Anon

As you know, this is a tough sub­ject to talk about. If you’re feel­ing pres­sure to be big­ger then my hon­est ad­vice would be spend time on your­self. What can you do to achieve the body you want? If you want to put on weight, book in a con­sul­ta­tion with a per­sonal trainer and they’ll take you through your diet needs be­fore adding a work­out pro­gramme as well. If you feel like you can’t do that, I’d also ad­vise speak­ing to you GP and per­haps ask­ing for a re­fer­ral to

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