Fit­ness with Char­lie King


01. Bench Step-Ups. This is a great way to get your heart pump­ing, calo­ries burn­ing and legs warm. Be­gin by check­ing the bench and the soles of your train­ers are dry — it helps avoid any slips or ac­ci­dents. Stand di­rectly be­hind the bench with hands on your hips or side. Plant your press up and ex­tend your right knee so you’re stand­ing on your right foot, draw­ing your left leg up next to the right one. Re­verse the move­ment and re­turn your left foot to the ground, fol­lowed by your right foot. Con­tinue on the right side for a minute be­fore switch­ing to the left.

02. Bench Tri­cep Dips. Sit on the edge of a bench, hands grip­ping di­rectly out­side your hips with feet on the ground in front with your knees bent at a 90-de­gree an­gle. Shift your weight for­ward so you’re sup­ported only by your hands and feet — arms fully ex­tended. Bend your el­bows back­ward, and lower your butt to­ward the ground. When your el­bows form a 90-de­gree an­gle, re­verse the move­ment and re­turn to start — tak­ing care not to lock your el­bows. Sculpt­ing the tri­cep re­quires reps, so burn out with as many reps you can. Set your clock for one minute and don’t stop un­til you’ve reached 60 sec­onds.

03. De­cline Bench Press-up. Here, you must po­si­tion your feet higher than your chest. Place your feet on the edge of the bench and ex­tend your body out to a press-up po­si­tion. Hands on the ground slightly wider than your shoul­ders, en­gage your core and make sure your back is straight. In­hale and slowly lower your body by bend­ing the el­bows. Once low­ered, ex­hale and start straight­en­ing arms back. The higher you place your feet, the greater in­crease in fa­tigue — be sure to work through it.

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