Sweetie, dar­ling?

She’s got a whole lotta his­tory, she can’t speak French, but this Girls Aloud star is loaded with sass and ready to face our sweetie jar of ran­dom ques­tions... Get ready to scream some­thing kinda ooooh! — this is Sarah Hard­ing...

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If you could be any sea crea­ture, what would it be and why?

A MER­MAID! I’ve al­ways wanted to be a mer­maid.

What’s your big­gest pet hate?

Bit­ing my nails. Or peo­ple who hate pets. No?

Are dragons real?

[Laughs hys­ter­i­cally] WHAT? Are we talk­ing real dragons or peo­ple that act like them? My head­mistress was a dragon. Maybe at Hog­warts they are.

Are you good at

Craaaap! I put on this big brash front, but if I re­ally like some­one I’m ac­tu­ally quite quiet.

What’s the worst day of the week?


Could you write Brit­ney Spears a hit sin­gle?

Pos­si­bly. I’d have to think of some­thing, as she’s al­ready done a lot of things. Some­thing up­tempo. Some­thing happy and quirky like Toxic. Some­thing like that, I think.

Who’s your favourite gay icon?

It’d have to be Kylie, wouldn’t it? I mean, if only for the Show­girl tour!

How many hours sleep do you need a night?

God! About ten, but I get bro­ken sleep now. I get two or three hours then wake up. If I’m lucky, I’ll get be­tween six or eight and then I’ll feel well and rested. But, be­cause I’m so hy­per, I lit­er­ally wake up lots. My body clock is men­tal.

What’s the worst lie you’ve ever pulled off?

“I’m nearly there!” I’m al­ways late to pretty much any­thing. Peo­ple say that I’ll be late to my own fu­neral. It’s true.

Where’s the strangest place you’ve ever put your hand?

[Shrieks] Prob­a­bly on a python. Wink! You know those places where you put your hand? At like Al­ton Tow­ers? And some­thing grabs it? It’s cer­tainly an un­lucky dip.

Is it time peo­ple stopped wearing stripes?

Stripes right way – ver­ti­cally!

do when you wake up?

Want to go back to sleep! But gen­er­ally, put the TV on or go on my phone.

What word do peo­ple use to in­cor­rectly de­scribe you?

Wild. They don’t know me well enough. Like, I know I’m quite lairy on the out­side, but I’m quite set­tled be­hind closed doors. Peo­ple say I’ve got quite a hard face be­cause of the way I’ve posed in pic­tures over the years. Those pouty years. I’ve got rest­ing bitch face. I can’t help that I’ve got it, but I’m ac­tu­ally quite smi­ley and chatty.

What’s the rud­est word that you know?

The C word. I say it quite a lot. I try not to. If I’m on a date, most cer­tainly not. I’m a bit of a potty mouth, nor­mally.

How do you feel about

They're flip­ping bril­lian!

What’s the most overrated thing in the world?

[Pauses] I don’t know what to say with­out of­fend­ing any­one. It’s so hard! [Pauses] SLEEP!

Have you ever thrown a diva tantrum?

[Howls with laugh­ter] Haven’t we all? I think ev­ery­one has, es­pe­cially women.

Would you be good in a

Errr... I wouldn’t like to say. I’d prob­a­bly be bet­ter match. I al­ways come up with some­thing to say af­ter the mo­ment is gone.

Madonna or Gaga?

I LOVE GAGA! I grew up with Madonna, but I do think she needs to calm down a bit. I think she’s amaz­ing, but Gaga is now. Gaga tried too hard to be started, but Gaga is best when she’s just be­ing Gaga.

Who’s your style icon?

I quite like a mix­ture of Gwen Ste­fani, Ri­hanna, Kate Moss and Cameron Diaz.

Ellen or Oprah?

Oh, Ellen. There’s just some­thing about her. Ellen’s got more hu­mour to her.

Three word to de­scribe you in the morn­ing are...

Cranky. Dosey. Skatty.

Christ­mas or birthday?

Christ­mas. I don’t get fairy lights on my birthday. Do you?

What’s the most ridicu­lous thing you’ve ever put on your rider?

Apart from the odd puppy? [Laughs] I’ve heard lots of things about Mariah Carey and her nor­mally I just ask for Haribo. I did once take the piss and say I wanted only red Skit­tles…

What’s the best book in the world?

I don’t read much. Pic­ture books? [Pauses] Gay Times! Is that a book, though? Isn’t it more of a mag­a­zine? Sup­pose it doesn’t mat­ter, I’ll go with you guys. GAY TIMES!

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