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Head­ing to the beach? Groom­ing Guru Lee Ky­nas­ton has a few tips on how to look your best in your budgie smug­glers.


01. Skip af­ter­shave.

Hav­ing a quick spritz of your favourite smelly might seem like a good idea be­fore you head to the beach but it’s bad news for skin, be­cause some fra­grances con­tain in­gre­di­ents that trig­ger skin sen­si­tiv­ity when ex­posed to in­tense sun­light – and a blotchy bod is never a good beach look. Be­sides, when peo­ple head for the coast they want to smell sea, not your Spice­bomb.

In­stead, save the scent for when the sun goes down and opt for a fra­grance like for 75ml from The Per­fume Shop) which con­tains an in­gre­di­ent called calone that repli­cates the smell of fresh sea spray.

02. Pro­tect your thatch. It isn’t just your skin that needs pro­tect­ing when you’re soak­ing up the sun – your hair does too. The same UV rays that dam­age your skin play havoc with your hair’s cel­lu­lar struc­ture as well, de­plet­ing it of pro­tec­tive oils and mak­ing it brit­tle, por­ous and straw-like. So keep your thatch cov­ered cap is per­fect as it shades the face too) or in­vest in prod­uct like Ul­tra­sun’s from House of Fraser), which pro­vides your bar­net with an in­vis­i­ble sun shield.

Bear in mind, too, that sea wa­ter and chlo­rine are also bad news for hair, leav­ing it look­ing dull, while dried­out salt and grains of sand can rip the hair’s cu­ti­cles, mak­ing it feel rough and re­duc­ing shine. To en­sure all traces of your day on the beach – or by the pool – are re­moved, cleanse thor­oughly with Aveda’s which is es­pe­cially for­mu­lated for hol­i­day hair.

03. Don’t be a sore loser.

Ever won­dered why pesky cold sores rear their ugly heads the minute you set­tle down on a sun lounger? the sun can tem­po­rar­ily sup­press the im­mune sys­tem giving the virus that causes the cold sores a per­fect op­por­tu­nity to strike.

To min­imise your risk, build up sun ex­po­sure grad­u­ally and bol­ster the im­mune sys­tem with plenty of fresh fruit and veg – and go easy on the all­night par­ties! Avoid­ing food known to trig­ger cold sores can help too. Things to watch out for in­clude crusty bread lips which the virus loves), acidic foods like toma­toes and straw­ber­ries and ones like choco­late, nuts and whole wheat which con­tain an amino acid called argi­nine, which helps the virus re­pro­duce.

04. Tidy up your trunk line. Think­ing of slip­ping into Speedos or tempted by one of those sch­long-thong thin­gies you do, make sure you’re neat and tidy down­stairs with the help of a lit­tle pre-Marbs man­scap­ing.

Re­gard­less of whether you wax, shave or use a hair re­moval cream, though, there’s al­ways the risk of in­grown hairs and lit­tle spots form­ing af­ter hair re­moval. And who’s go­ing to be­lieve that rash is a by-prod­uct of a lit­tle pu­bic topi­ary? Luck­ily, you can min­imise the risk of prob­lems by ap­ply­ing a lit­tle from ama­ which is de­signed to pre­vent in­grown hairs and post-shave ra­zor bumps.

05. Fac­tor up. Bak­ing cakes might be fash­ion­able and bak­ing make-up might be es­sen­tial for pageant queens, but no man gets bonus points for bak­ing him­self. Not only does sun­burn ruin your beach cred, it may ruin your life too, with each dose of red­ness dras­ti­cally in­creas­ing your risk of de­vel­op­ing skin can­cer.

Re­gard­less of your skin colour or how eas­ily you burn, aim high with sun pro­tec­tion Roche-Posay An­the­lios XL al­ways ap­ply lib­er­ally as stud­ies show men don’t ap­ply nearly enough prod­uct to achieve the level of pro­tec­tion stated on the pack­ag­ing.

It’s worth go­ing for ones UVA rays too, as these are just as dan­ger­ous as the UVB ones that burn you. Af­ter all, once the in­evitable hol­i­day ro­mance is over, you’ll want to be re­mem­bered as a hot boy, not Hell­boy, right?

TOP David­off Cool Wa­ter ABOVE La Roche-Posay An­the­lios XL SPF50 BE­LOW Ul­tra­sun’s Daily UV Hair Pro­tec­tor

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