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Boy­code! We’re to­tally spoilt with four of you this month. Tell us about your new sin­gle Af­ter Juliet...

Lennert: I’m very proud of Af­ter Juliet. It’s writ­ten by Tony Ro­dini, an amaz­ing guy and a fan­tas­tic pro­ducer. It’s ba­si­cally a catchy song that you’ll whis­tle all day. Grego: It’s a fresh song won­der­ing if you could have a life with­out your Juliet. Life af­ter you had that mo­ment to­gether. I re­ally love it and I hope the rest of the world will.

Where did the in­spi­ra­tion come from?

Timmy: Ev­ery­one knows the story of when you break up with some­one, your heart is bro­ken, and then you al­ways have to won­der if you can sur­vive life af­ter. Is there a life af­ter?

Is it a sound for the sum­mer?

Mat­tias: I think it’s an all time song. So sum­mer, win­ter, any time!

Per­form­ing must take a huge amount of en­ergy

G: It re­ally does, so you have to work hard ev­ery day – not just phys­i­cally but men­tally as well. You have to be pre­pared for every­thing and keep your mind open for new and rather un­ex­pected things. T: Work hard, play hard! [Laughs]

We couldn’t help but no­tice the bod­ies. You guys aren’t strangers to the gym, then?

M: I ac­tu­ally don’t like the gym at all. I love to take my­self to an­other level and give the best of my­self, but I’m just not that sort of guy for the gym. G: Well I do, es­pe­cially when I know some­thing is com­ing up, like a photo shoot or a video. Then I’m in the gym ev­ery sin­gle day for weeks.

Do you guys keep in shape for your own plea­sure or, as you said, to look good?

M: Hon­estly, mostly to look good. G: For me, it’s a bit of both, re­ally.

What’s your work­out rou­tines like cur­rently?

L: Fit­ness, run­ning and – when I’m in the mood – I like to go swim­ming. G: I do a very spe­cial rou­tine to build mus­cle and burn fat at the same time. I start with a car­dio ses­sion for ten mus­cle group, let’s say chest. Then in­ter­val for ten min­utes.

I then do the next mus­cle group, car­dio again for ten min­utes, and then the last mus­cle group. The next day, I do the same but dif­fer­ent mus­cle groups. I keep do­ing that for six days and then rest for one day. That’s it!

Do you train to­gether?

T: Some­times we’ll run to­gether. M: We tend to have our own train­ing sched­ules, though.

Would you say you’re all body con­scious?

G: I re­ally am! I watch my food and every­thing — I’m a lit­tle bit of a freak! [Laughs] T: Greg is in­deed! I’m some­times a freak, it just de­pends on my mood. M: Is any­one not? Yeah, I think we all are.

Is any­one not?

T: Greg is a ma­niac, but the rest of us, not so crazy...

We wouldn’t change a thing about any of you — but if YOU could change your­self, would you?

G: I don’t like my nose and teeth, but that’s my opin­ion. In gen­eral, I’m happy with who I am, even though I have small is­sues about my­self. T: I want to lose weight, and new teeth! L: Maybe a lit­tle bit big­ger... [Laughs hys­ter­i­cally] I joke. I’m happy with the way I am.

We imag­ine you get lots of com­ments from fans re­gard­ing your ap­pear­ance — is there com­ment on with you as a group, or in­di­vid­u­ally?

L: I think they like my smile. T: They like it when I post pics of my body. I al­ways get good com­ments, so that’s nice. My sec­ond name is they love it! [Laughs] M: Timmy is cute­ness.

Mu­sic gives younger peo­ple the chance to dream and ex­press them­selves. How much mu­sic has?

L: Mu­sic is every­where. Imag­ine a world with­out mu­sic! It’s dif­fer­ent for ev­ery­one as it’s about feel­ings, ex­pres­sion, cul­ture, reli­gion. Mu­sic is more than just the sound that we all hear. M: Mu­sic is never enough though, be­cause I think that ev­ery­body should do what he or she loves to do. Dream big and en­joy your life!

Mu­sic also helps some ex­press their sex­u­al­ity. Have you ex­pe­ri­enced this?

G: Yeah! Es­pe­cially in Hol­land. We had a con­cert once and fans lit­er­ally asked us to... y’know! [Laughs] T: The pro­pos­als are some­times craaaazy! L: We didn’t do it, though. Just to be clear... [Laughs]

Come on then. Who’s your big­gest crush?

G: ARI­ANA GRANDE! T: Kylie Jen­ner.

Now let’s talk un­der­wear. Are you a box­ers or briefs guys?

M: Box­ers. G: Box­ers, al­ways.

all ex­pect from you guys in the next 12 months? Spill…

M: To make a lot of hits and give every­thing we’ve got! [Laughs] L: Let that be a sur­prise for all of us...

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