How can I pos­si­bly start hunt­ing Poké­mon when I haven’t even com­pleted Tin­der yet?

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Sadly I’m too old for Poké­mon Go. Not that I couldn’t play the game if I wanted to, but I mean that Poké­mon just came along a lit­tle too late for me in life, so it passed me by.

By 1996, I’d left home and was liv­ing it up in Ed­in­burgh. And while I’ve al­ways been a car­toon fan, any­thing new by that point was tak­ing a back­seat while I was drink­ing, shouldn’t have. Though I did al­most man­age to re­call the name of Pikachu re­cently, younger gays I bumped into while walk­ing my pug Toby.

I was sur­prised to see them out and about, be­fore the Poké­mon hunt was ex­plained. Ob­vi­ously I knew what the game was, but I had no idea that in a few short days it was go­ing to take over, well, every­thing. News sto­ries around the world, sta­tuses on so­cial me­dia... Peo­ple I thought would be im­mune to the lat­est trend were soon cav­ing and go­ing one out, to be fair.

And then there was the now in­evitable back­lash, peo­ple crit­i­cis­ing oth­ers for choos­ing to play the game, say­ing that it was meant for kids, or that they were too old.

Oh please. I’ve never grown up. I’ve aged – oh boy have I aged – but I ac­tu­ally for­get that I’m 40 be­cause I have a nos­tal­gia that won’t go away. The mu­sic I like, the TV shows I watch, the jokes that I make... That’s not to say I only like nos­tal­gia, but I do play up to the joke now. Though I’m not sure I could ac­tu­ally mas­ter Poké­mon Go, as I re­call strug­gling with the Su­per Nintendo...

But any­way, how can I pos­si­bly start hunt­ing Poké­mon when I haven’t even com­pleted Tin­der yet? I think as things stand that I prob­a­bly shouldn’t be en­cour­aged to hunt things down and blud­geon them.

But if you en­joy some­thing, and you’re not hurt­ing any­one, what’s the prob­lem? And now I re­alise that I’m one of those peo­ple com­plain­ing about peo­ple com­plain­ing. Stop the in­san­ity!

It’s ac­tu­ally been quite pleas­ant to see peo­ple uni­ver­sally get­ting ex­cited and hav­ing fun with some­thing – even if I don’t re­ally know what a Poké­mon ac­tu­ally is. I had to give so­cial me­dia a wide berth in the last month or so be­cause the news, gen­uinely, was just too much. I felt an Ed­ina Mon­soon court­room rant com­ing on at times.

I had dear friends al­most get­ting ill over Brexit, though I’m sure the full hor­ror of that is yet to be re­alised. And speak­ing of full hor­ror, Boris John­son as For­eign Sec­re­tary? Frankly, I’d rather be liv­ing in a com­puter world where you have to catch lit­tle crea­tures than deal with the mon­sters of re­al­ity.

But deal we must, and I fear we must tread this change could be far reach­ing for LGBT+ peo­ple, and I do worry.

Peo­ple, very kindly, wrote to me fol­low­ing my let­ter last month about the aw­ful events in Or­lando, to tell me to be strong and hold my head up – ad­vice that was much ap­pre­ci­ated and I feel I should pass back to ev­ery­one read­ing.

could lose my­self in an al­ter­na­tive re­al­ity, even if it’s just a game on a phone. In fact, maybe that’s what I should be work­ing to­wards – a game in the same style, but for a more ma­ture gay gen­tle­man. Per­haps you could track down leg­endary drag queens or gay icons? Though lets not get the de­bate about gay icons started again...

A friend sug­gested a ver­sion where old Doc­tor Who ac­tresses pop up, which would be great, but would prob­a­bly just con­fuse me fur­ther given the num­ber of them I see these days. Nav­i­gate your way through Ab­so­lutely Fab­u­lous’ Lon­don, per­haps? Nah. Maybe it’s not for me af­ter all. I think I’ll just curl up with a good book in­stead.

A comic book, ob­vi­ously.

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