The re­cent an­nounce­ment that there won’t be any fund­ing for the PrEP pre­ven­tion method was ex­tremely dis­ap­point­ing.

The UK’s lead­ing HIV and sex­ual health char­i­ties have even gone as far to say the de­ci­sion is “shame­ful”, and all the ma­jor HIV or­gan­i­sa­tions have come to­gether to write a let­ter call­ing on the gov­ern­ment to make PrEP avail­able to peo­ple at high risk.

This in­de­ci­sion is just yet an­other ex­am­ple of a Tory gov­ern­ment kick­ing is­sues re­lat­ing to LGBT+ sex­ual health into the long grass.

It’s such pol­icy fail­ures that

is de­volved – the Scot­tish gov­ern­ment is will­ing to take a more di­rect ap­proach on is re­solved. How­ever, we won’t make progress by op­er­at­ing in be­yond must work to­gether.

two words back at me: “It’s

As well as sound­ing in­cred­i­bly petu­lant, it was clear the mask had slipped and it showed this Tory gov­ern­ment’s true colours. They’re not up to the sim­ply not good enough.

the largest con­stituent part be so will­ing to sit on the know no bound­aries and tack­ling them re­quires co­or­di­nated work – not just across the UK, but with in­ter­na­tional part­ners too.

But we shouldn’t re­ally be this is a Tory gov­ern­ment, sex­ual health was to try – A short dizzy spell en­joyed bi­sex­ual men was deemed so evil and un­healthy that wide­spread med­i­cal and po­lit­i­cal opin­ion telling them they’d got it wrong. In drop it. Mean­while, they’ve This is meant to be the Health.

The de­ci­sion mak­ers in this gov­ern­ment need to step up and work at the same rate as other na­tions, par­tic­u­larly on the US, Is­rael and Kenya have al­ready demon­strated. The bizarre ob­ses­sion with treat­ment just goes to show their pri­or­i­ties are all wrong.

The cur­rent uncer­tainty putting lives at risk. And ev­ery day. Those who will sex with men who’ll be each year in the UK.

this is more im­por­tant than a

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