At­tack 0n Ti­tan At­tack on Ti­tan is an ab­so­lutely bat­shit, Ja­panese manga that fol­lows a crack team of heroes who de­fend peo­ple from an end­less on­slaught of gi­ant, naked, smil­ing gi­ants who want to eat ev­ery­one. Hey, who said it had to make not go­ing to win any awards plea­sure to be had from felling a wad­dling, naked fat guy the size of the Em­pire PS4, XBox One and PC. The King of Fight­ers XIV The much-loved Neo Geo is a con­sole from the golden age that main­tains a cu­ri­ously cult sta­tus to­day. The King Of Fight­ers was its call­ing card, and now you can re­live your mis­spent youth with this spiffy up­date ex­clu­sively for the PS4. With a huge ros­ter tra­di­tional com­plex­ity, this is a wel­come trip down mem­ory lane with an equally wel­come bit of next gen pol­ish. Purists may dis­agree Au­gust on PS4.

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