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Di­rect from the dirty back al­leys of Lon­don, failed drag icon Myra DuBois has earned her keep here in the cap­i­tal... for rea­sons we couldn’t pos­si­bly men­tion here. Use your imag­i­na­tion. Now she’s pack­ing her leop­ard print bag and hitch­ing a ride to Ed­in­burgh with new show Self AdMyra. So nat­u­rally, we get up close and per­sonal with Rother­ham’s least cel­e­brated daugh­ter.

Why is Myra on the move to the Fringe

this sum­mer? I’ve been pushed up there, re­ally! Some peo­ple got in touch with me af­ter I did The John Bishop Show last year and said that I should take the show up to Ed­in­burgh, so here we are. It’s nice be­cause I’m the least mo­ti­vated per­son in the world, so it’s good to have peo­ple push­ing me to do it.

Have you per­formed at the Fringe

be­fore? I did Ed­in­burgh in 2010 with Eat Your Heart Out, which was a cabaret show run by Scot­tee. Do you know Scot­tee? It was just like a ten minute thingy for two weeks. Are you ner­vous about re­turn­ing? I’m not ner­vous at all. Is that con­ceited? That's con­fi­dent... Con­fi­dent! Yeah, con­fi­dent [Laughs]

Speak­ing of con­fi­dent, let's talk about the ti­tle, Self AdMyra. A lit­tle ego­tis­ti­cal, no? Myra’s a re­ally ego­tis­ti­cal per­son! A won­der­ful com­bi­na­tion of an as­tound­ing be­lief in her own ta­lent with­out any sort of ba­sis in re­al­ity. If any­thing neg­a­tive is said about her, she just doesn’t hear it. If any­thing won­der­ful’s said about trend in Ed­in­burgh for peo­ple to shoe­horn their own name into the ti­tle. So I thought if Myra was go­ing to go to Ed­in­burgh, she’d prob­a­bly do that, too!

Who’s the in­spi­ra­tion be­hind Myra? I went to a fancy dress night at the Univer­sity and Rose West, just for shits and gig­gles. We adopted the names for a laugh and made up sto­ries about what they did that week­end. They be­came re­moved from Myra Hind­ley and Rose West con­no­ta­tions and I en­tered a cabaret show be­cause I wanted to see if Myra worked on stage. I wrote ten min­utes of ma­te­rial, it went re­ally well and it rolled from there. What can you tell us about Self AdMyra? We prom­ise to jeep the se­crets... For the very first time, Myra's singing orig­i­nal­songs. Lawrence,a com­poser, has writ­ten the mu­sic and I’ve writ­ten the

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