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Your rights at work It is un­law­ful to be bul­lied or ha­rassed be­cause you are gay. As a worker, you have dis­crim­i­na­tion rights from day 1 of your em­ploy­ment. In fact, your rights also ex­ist dur­ing the re­cruit­ment process. We have helped many clients chal­lenge dis­crim­i­na­tory be­hav­iour at work – these claims usu­ally re­sult in com­pen­sa­tion via a set­tle­ment agree­ment (there­fore not re­quir­ing court at­ten­dance).

Man­ag­ing your af­fairs If you be­came in­ca­pable of deal­ing with your prop­erty and af­fairs and mak­ing your own de­ci­sions, no-one has the au­to­matic right to deal with mat­ters on your be­half - not even your near­est and dear­est will be able to pop to the bank or tele­phone a com­pany

You and your part­ner Com­mon Law mar­riage does not ex­ist. If you and your un­mar­ried part­ner have pooled re­sources to buy prop­erty and built up joint-as­sets, you are still not treated as be­ing legally mar­ried. This can cause prob­lems if the re­la­tion­ship ends and en­sur­ing your as­sets are fairly split.

Your prop­erty If pur­chas­ing prop­erty with an­other per­son, you may be putting in un­equal amounts of de­posit. You should put a Trust Deed in place to pro­tect your funds in the event that you sell the prop­erty in the fu­ture or break up with your part­ner/fall out with your friend or fam­ily mem­ber.

You and your pet al­ways be who pur­chased the pet. Own­er­ship would nor­mally rest with the party who had pur­chase proof.

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