Name Trenor

Age 23

Oc­cu­pa­tion Travel guide

Boyfriend Sta­tus: Sin­gle and on Tin­der. So, ba­si­cally, very sin­gle. Like a ten on the sin­gle scale.

His re­la­tion­ship his­tory: Not as dra­matic as an Adele song, but also not as ratchet as one from Ri­hanna. I like to say a nice in be­tween. Oh, and throw in the new Bieber al­bum, be­cause why not.

What type of boyfriend

he is: In­de­pen­dent, but will also put you be­fore ev­ery­body else.

His ideal date: A spon­ta­neous road trip date! Who says a date needs to be just one day?

Type of boyfriend he’s

look­ing for: Some­one who is pas­sion­ate about what they do and about the life they live. Some­one who the pos­i­tive in the neg­a­tive. But when it re­ally comes down to it, I’m look­ing for a gen­uinely nice guy. Also, I like bears. FYI.

His great­est strength: I’m a re­ally good read of peo­ple. Even though I think ev­ery­one has some good in them, this skill has served amaz­ing peo­ple I’m lucky enough to call my friends. I can also hold my breath for a pretty long time.

His big­gest turn on: know, but also 100% hon­est. I’m never go­ing to make the wait­ing for?

His big­gest turn off: A cocky bas­tard. Also, some­one who can dance bet­ter than me. That’s so not cool! in­sta­­trav­els

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